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How receptionist should answer the phone: basic skills and tools for success

How receptionist should answer the phone

Receptionists play a key role in a company to maintain its strong relationship with the clients. So that your receptionists must know how to handle company’s phone calls in an efficient manner. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail what basic skills a receptionist needs to have and how to utilize various tools effectively. The detailed information related to How receptionist should answer the phone and turns the client impressed at first. Find more info about top virtual phone receptionists.

How receptionist should answer the phone calls?

Here we will detail about “How receptionist should answer the phone” and the tricks and tips for the receptionist to set impressive acts to get turns and conversions. The skills are required to get managed post and also the script that can help you to secure a profile with impressive tools.

What are the skills a receptionist must need to have?


A reluctant or doubtful receptionist reflects poorly on your company. In both written and spoken communication, your receptionist should communicate with conviction and elicit confidence.

**Knowledge of the industrial basics-

Knowledge is the source of confidence. Your receptionist should be well-versed in your sector and able to decipher your callers’ jargon. If you work for a law office, for example, and your receptionists don’t know the difference between estate planning and litigation, callers will be frustrated.

**Organizational skill-

Receptionists may misplace important messages or fail to call a customer back if they lack great organizing abilities, resulting in lost revenue for your company.

**Positive attitude-

Receptionists are the public face of your business. Their tone should entice callers to work with your company rather than repel them.

Receptionists must exude confidence, professionalism, and cheerfulness when greeting clients. A negative interaction with a client could spoil a business opportunity. Find more info about top virtual phone receptionists. A receptionist needs to follow these principles for a happy caller experience:

  • Avoid leaving callers waiting.
  • To start the call on a positive note, express gratitude and remind the caller who they’re calling.
  • Callers want to know who they’re talking to and if you can assist them. Make sure they don’t have to inquire.
  • People become irritated when they can’t hear or comprehend the person on the other end of the line. To avoid any misunderstandings and to immediately provide callers with the information they require, receptionists should communicate clearly.
  • A message’s failure to include critical facts can lead to losing a client. Receptionists should keep precise records of all incoming calls that need to be returned so that your team has a complete picture of the interaction.
  • Before receptionists transfer or put a call on hold, first getting permission is a must. Always let callers know what they may expect before you pass the call on or pause the conversation. Callers will be frustrated if they are placed on a long wait without their awareness, and they will be more inclined to hang up.

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4 Receptionist Scripts for Professional Call Handling:

1. Welcome the caller

The tone of the call is often set by the receptionist’s greeting. An optimistic message can help to calm an irate caller. Using a cold, indifferent tone to greet a lukewarm or doubtful caller may cause them to go to a competitor.

Receptionists need to follow this while greeting:

  • “Hello” or “Hi” should be used to greet the caller.
  • Thank you for calling.
  • Recite the business’s name.
  • Make clients aware of the receptionist’s name.
  • Inquire for offering assistance.

Encourage your receptionists to personalize the greeting as long as they keep the factors listed above in mind. Remember that callers contacted you to receive specific information, so your greeting should be brief and focused on swiftly and efficiently answering their questions.

2. Making Call Transfers

Nothing irritates callers more than being moved between departments before receiving assistance. Receptionists need to take the time to completely understand their needs and choose the right individual to assist them to avoid a bad user experience. To ensure they’ve correctly recognized the caller’s problem, tell them where they are transferring them and why.

3. Gathering data

Gathering sufficient data can also assist your team members in prioritizing follow-ups and assisting callers more quickly. Here are some crucial items to remember throughout the call:

  • Name (first and last)
  • Status of the customer (existing or potential)
  • The reason for your call
  • Who they need to contact
  • Level of urgency
  • When is the best time to contact them?

4. Callers are being placed on hold

Callers looking for rapid answers or solutions. They demand quick responses and few will wait on hold. If receptionists can’t avoid using the hold button, they must follow these engagement rules:

  • Being honest with themselves explaining why they are putting callers on hold.
  • Whether receptionists need to put the caller on hold, customers need to be asked if they mind being put on hold for a short time.
  • If it is going to be one minute or ten providing a ballpark figure can be great so callers aren’t caught off guard.

The Most Effective Receptionist Tool

Though you have receptionists to attend incessantly ringing phones, your receptionists are unable to respond to everyone at the same time. With the proper receptionist software in place, you can help more callers and in-store guests while using fewer resources. Numa is the greatest receptionist tool for providing a professional response to every caller.

The following is how it works:

  • If your receptionists can’t receive the phone when customers call, Numa gives them the option of receiving a text message.
  • Famous Numa texts the customer after the caller engages and can answer questions about your business or assist with order completion.
  • Numa learns about your company over time and suggests fresh answers to frequently requested queries.
  • The Numa technology can quickly route messages to the appropriate person or department, freeing up your receptionist to speak with urgent clients and respond to more complex questions.
  • You’ll also have total insight into text discussions and voicemail transcriptions, ensuring that you’re communicating consistently.
  • Best of all, you can get Numa up and running in 15 minutes or less, giving clients the choice to contact you via SMS.

Wrap Up

Hope now you know what to look for in your receptionists for your company, How receptionist should answer the phone and how to improve your receptionists’ performance by utilizing the above-mentioned tips. Find more info about top virtual phone receptionists to hire for your company.

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