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How to do a CD-less Setup of the Netgear Wifi Range Extender with Mywifiext?

Netgear Wifi Range Extender

The Netgear router and extender work to give you the best results wherever you might be in the house or office. The garage area, the pool area, the basement or even outside the house, be it wherever you will get great wifi network everywhere. When your old wifi router gives you trouble with connectivity or speed, you can get a Netgear wifi range extender, configure it with mywifiext and use it to experience the best and fastest connectivity in all the dead zones everywhere.

Methods to Setup the Netgear Range Extender

There are two ways to set up the wifi range extender by Netgear, one is the web-based setup and the other is the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) method. The web-based setup can be done on the mywifiext.net site page or by entering the IP address of the extender The WPS method is very simple and can be done by just a push of a button but sometimes it might cause some problems like the WPS button not being present on the router. In such cases, one can configure the extender by the web-based setup where you just have to enter the default credentials and login to go to the setup page of the wifi range extender. Once on the setup page, you will be given the guidelines and instructions about setting the wifi range extender. After savings the settings and following the instructions to setup the extender, you can successfully configure your wifi range extender without getting any kind of error.

CD-less Setup of the Range Extender                

The Netgear wifi range extenders come with a no-CD setup which is very easy and can be performed without any errors. Sometimes you might face errors related to Mywifiext Local while accessing it because it is a local web site, it will open only when the range extender is connected to the computer. Other errors might come because of a connection or browser issue, or the extender being too far away from the main router. Sometimes the error is caused because of entering the wrong spellings or no having the latest version of the browser. After eradicating all these errors, one can easily do the CD-less setup by following the below-given steps –

  1. Connect the extender to a computer with the ethernet cables or wirelessly and see that all the wired connections are properly fitted in
  2. The power LED should be lit solid green
  3. Open the browser and you can go to the address bar
  4. Enter the site link http://mywifiext.net
  5. If you are not able to go to the setup page via the site link then type the IP address
  6. When the page opens you will be shown the login page
  7. Enter the default credentials in the fields given there
  8. Press login to go to the next page
  9. You will be shown the setup page of the extender
  10. If you are shown the firmware updates of the extender you must follow the prompt and update the extender firmware
  11. After updating the firmware of the extender you just need to follow the instructions given on the site to set up the range extender
  12. Registester the device and finish the setup

These are the step by step instructions of the wifi range extender configuration. If you see errors while setting up the extender, you can reset the range extender and if it doesn’t work, you can call on the toll-free number 1-855-394-0444.


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