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How to set up Nighthawk EX 8000?

set up Nighthawk EX

Netgear range extender variant nighthawk EX8000 (X6 AC 3000) is one of the most advanced wireless range boosters which has the capacity of extending the speed up 3 Gbps. Usually, when extenders extend the signals, the speed that is getting obtained from the router gets split, therefore, the wireless range extender does extender the signals however due to the classification of the speed when signals are extended the drops down a bit. The Netgear Nighthawk EX8000 X6 AC 6000 will extend the signals to the wifi dead zone without affecting the speed. That means through Netgear Nighthawk setup you will be getting the signal along with the internet speed throughout the place.

Below are the two basic methods to set up the Nighthawk extender to your main wireless network.

WPS Setup

To begin with is the WPS method which is said to be to the quickest and secure way to configure the Netgear nighthawk extender. The Nighthawk EX8000 has to be placed in the same room where the router is and wait for the light to come upon the extender. If there is no light lid up in the extender then try to switch the on and off button, following which in few seconds you will have the lights lid up on the extender. Press the WPS button on the extender and then press the WPS button on the router. The lights on the extender will begin to flash which is an indication that the Nighthawk range extender is communicating with the extender with the wireless protected setup.

Manual setup

The second way to configure the extender would be through the fast lane method. The fast lane method is used in various scenario’s like if you do not have a physical WPS button on the extender, or if the WPS in the router configuration is not disabled, or if you have to make any changes in the wireless name for the extended network name. The fast lane method is basically known as the Nighthawk setup page. The nighthawk set up page is basically accessed through mywifiext.net. Mywifiext setup is a process that helps you to manually set up the extender with your main wireless network. You will be provided an option if you have to set up the extender as a wireless range extender or as an access point. If you select the access point then make sure that your extender is hardwired to your main wireless router. If it is not hardwired to your router then you would not be able to proceed with the access point setup. To configure the Nighthawk extender as wireless mode, make sure that the extender is placed in the same room where the router is. Select the wireless range extender option, following which it will take you to the mywifiext set up a page where you can select the preferred network both in the 2.4 GZH and 5GZH, and put in your wifi password. It will take approximately 2 minutes for the extender to set up a connection with your main router, and hence your Nighthawk range extender will be configured.


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