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Things I wish for my mothers birthday

Happy Birthday Mom

Who among us does not love his mother? Regardless of how old we are, Mother is one of the most important people in our lives – the one who loves the most and knows us best. It is a day of the year when we especially realize the love for our mothers. Small and big people hurry with happy birthday mom wishes, colorful laurels, and gifts. All this to make Mom feel loved and appreciated. It is a day full of emotions and warm words were spoken to her. It is worth trying to make the wishes we give our mothers the best to convey our feelings and gratitude.

You can attach a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a gift that you have prepared for her on this occasion. On this day, remember your mother, even if she lives somewhere far away, and you cannot visit her. Calling her is a must on the Mother’s Day program. No mother should feel forgotten that day. This is the person we owe the most. You no longer have to worry about sophisticated wishes. We did it for you. All you have to do is choose something from our wish list and make your mom feel special when she reads or hears moving words.

I wish…

Perseverance and  strength ♥

To change what you can change, to find your thoughts and dreams in silence.

A lot of love ♥ ♥ ♥

I think that this point is already ticked off, but I never love too much. I wish myself much love – let me truly love myself and learn to love others. I wish love for life – that every unusual morning would bring a smile to my face by the very fact that it had just happened. Love of people, animals, and nature.

Health ♥ ♥ ♥

Because health is the most important thing!

Happiness with small things and drawing energy from everything! ♥ ♥ ♥

I wish that I would draw energy from the sun, delicious coffee, beautiful views, the smell of dew, dripping rain and the smile of others. I think that we often forget about how many wonderful things surround us every day. We are not happy with delicious coffee in good company, a family trip to the mountains, or other mundane things. And I know one thing, that if you don’t enjoy small things, you will never meet big ones. Therefore, I wish that in my everyday rush I would not forget about these little things that make me happy every day.

Impulse – driving force ♥

That I would find strength and enthusiasm for my goals and plans every day.

Courage and greater confidence ♥

In retrospect, this year was exactly what I said. It can be said that the last year was very breakthrough. This year leaving my comfort zone was my daily bread. Radio appearances and public appearances are definitely new to me.

I would appreciate mindfulness, celebrate celebrating … ♥

That I would be grateful for everything I have achieved so far.

Return to nature ♥

Let me come back to nature as often as possible – trips to the mountain walks, travels, physical activity in the open air, time spent with my family because this is the best.

Personal development ♥

I wish I would take care of my personal development: additional courses, workshops, pieces of training, everything that broadens my horizons.

Take beautiful photos ♥

The photo can capture amazing moments. I want to develop in this area. In the last year I even signed up for photography workshops, I intend to continue this.

Peace and a little respite ♥

I wish peace and respite, that I do not worry about bullshit, do not torment negative thoughts and surround myself with people who are not worth the so-called “Energy vampires.”

Better time organization ♥

I want to organize my time even better, to make it happen on time, not to take on more than I can bear, to have more time for family and friends to develop my passions.

Better separation of private and professional life ♥

Which will allow me to catch a distance to the whole world, and above all to myself.

Diligence ♥

Because it constitutes 95% of SUCCESS.

Good luck ♥

In implemented goals and plans.

Pleasures ♥

Because without her life is unbearable.

Gratitude ♥

Let me always remember those who help me.  ♥

Let me absorb the world like a sponge ♥

With an open mind and without inhibitions.  

More time to read books ♥

I just love it. ♥ Thanks to the books I break away from the gray reality, I literally move to another world.

Let me take care of myself as best I can  ♥

Taking care of yourself is the foundation of a good relationship with yourself. If I take care of myself well, then everyone around me will be happy and well cared for, because I will take care of them properly

That dreams and goals that are written in my notebook today become a reality ♥

In the end I just wanted to add that I do not belong to people who care about numbers, wrinkles. In spite of the passing years, I feel like I still, he/she was 21 years old : ) So do not grieve change “number” SSN is no change: D


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