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How to increase Instagram followers organically for branding?

increase Instagram followers

If you have a start-up brand then you may find many difficulties on every single step, as you need to boost up the awareness of your brand and built-up the trust of your audience to connect you. There are many things that will need strategies to move forward in the right way and social media is a great source to reach your audience. One of the social media apps is Instagram, which is worthy to reach your largest audience. But the question comes how? Well, the answer to this is to boost up your followers on Instagram and reach the maximum audience. The next question is how you can increase Instagram followers?

Here we will understand how you can increase Instagram followers organically, which will help to increase your conversion.

1 Optimize Instagram Profile

The major priority of your Instagram account is to optimize with accurate profile details and Bio, which will represent you or your brand. If your account is properly optimized, then new visitors get your account in suggestions to follow and your account and bio would be well convincing them to follow you.


You may create the perfect bio for your brand offering deals for products or services, which could lead you to more and more followers.

2 Craft your Marketing Strategy

The major priority is to make your clear marketing strategy, which will help you reach effective followers. Because the larger number of followers won’t work only as you need to reach the targeted audience so that you must have a clear plan.

Keep in mind about the desired goals with a marked strategy will help you to reach your targeted audience. And if you’ll create an effective strategy then your account starts appeals to new profile visitors and your informative account will catch them as your follower.

3 Stay Consistent about Brand

Your followers are connected with you they like to see whatever you post, and that pattern makes them convinced to stay connected forever. That means, make a format for sharing and stay consistent if you are getting followers with that. (If not effective then you may try something better) We should try something different occasionally to test the result but try to follow the affected pattern created and posted by you.

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4 Engagement with Followers

Your engagement matters a lot with your Instagram account, if you will not stay engaged then you may lose some potential followers. Your follower likes and comments on your post and you can revert the kind revert of those comments and also you could mention thanks for hearty love, which they have done with their likes.

Stay engaged with other user’s posts also, by liking and comment on their content which will improve the communication and will lead to getting the potential follower, you never know that could lead to your conversion follower also.

5 Get Keyword in Instagram Searches

On Instagram, the Instagram username is your Instagram handle, which will help to search your account. You can search the account either with the name and username of an Instagram user. The Instagram handle is good to share with loved ones via text, email, or social media platform if they want to stay connected with your content.

But using keywords in your username can be a good idea because on Instagram people use keywords to reach their desired searches. And that using in your keyword will help you to get in searches of your potential audience. Let’s say the Homemade Chocolatier () has the keyword chocolatier, which will target the keyword “chocolate” and “chocolatier”. Which will get her to reach for chocolate lovers and related people.

6 Hashtags for branding

Well, whatever content you post is not directly searchable, it will appeal to your followers or the person who is looking for the hashtag used in your content. The hashtags are used to get in searches for the relevant followers and that would be related to your content only. So, you need to post with relevant hashtags and need to analyze the relevancy with your brand.

Many of the users on Instagram follow the hashtags also so that if someone posts content by using the same tag will get notify and visible to that user. If that user will like your posts then they might start following you, which will get you desired followers. But focus to add meaningful hashtags to maintain the quality of your posts.

7 Long Caption to Compel

Instagram is a graphics-based platform but using the long caption will be great to compel the visitor to stay on your content for long and will come again to get more similar content. The caption length and pattern would be varying for every niche. For example, you sell fashion clothes, then you may share the long caption of the Dress name and clothing description, like fabric, size, model code, etc. Also, you can put a question or quiz to get a vote for the most trending dress of the month and why. You will get amazing reverts and more engagements. In this way, you might some suggestion for your designing clothes and designs for further upcoming stock.

Let’s understand with another niche of blogger, you may add the Title and highlighted point in the caption of that image, then the user may click your blog link from profile and will read more article. Which will lead your traffic on the blog and get more readers. Even, you can add some questionnaires to increase the engagement from users, which will increase your account visibility.

Analyze the caption length and pattern according to your niche and put the attractive caption to convince more and more visitors to connect with you.

8 Pin Post Comment

Instagram launched a feature of pin comment last year, but many of you might not be aware of this. You can pin the comment to remain fix on top of other all comments. This may help to show a great impact to the viewers of your trending post by pin the best comment. This will influence others also and they will follow you with more content & exclusive posts. And no doubt, you may get any permanent customer from these new followers.

9 Nametag for Branding

The Instagram Nametag is the scan code, which can be scanned by another user to search your account. Offline marketing is the oldest pattern that would benefit you always, and you must do online and offline marketing together with correct strategies. The nametag can be promoting in offline mode of communication like packaging, pamphlets, forms, survey, etc.


Or even you can promote in offline events and seminars, to get more real followers. You may add the nametag in the entry tickets or tuck on the noticeable place.

If you are not aware of how to get your account nametag, then select the setting options from your profile account and select nametag. It will ask you to download your nametag.

10 Tag Location and Users

If you have the physical location for your business brand, then you must tag that location in your post to influence the viewers. It will also help your post content to get in searches like hashtags and get more views.

You can tag a user in your post with an @-handle feature of Instagram, to get other users in your post. That will benefit you by reaching user’s followers and get more engagement to the post. The user will get notified that you’ve mentioned them in your post and that user will reshare your post to their stories which will get more and more views.

11 Instagram Stories

Here is another feature of Instagram, where you can put temporary updates as a story and your user will get this on the top of their posts. So if you have some offer or new launch then you might use this feature to notify your followers. You may also add the hashtag, location, and user tag in the story. I personally like this feature of Instagram, you may creatively your Instagram stories more creative with available add-ons.

12 Quiz to Win

If you are a brand, then you will have to spend to get more conversions. You may put some posts with Quiz and fix small prices from your brand product to give as sample use. This will reward you double in return and will increase more engagement to your post.

13 Analyze your Insight

You must check and analyse the data from your post insights like impressions, reaches, and engagements with Instagram Analytics Tool. Also, collect the demographic data for your followers like gender & location to target a more valuable audience. With this, you may find the most efficient time to post content to reach efficient followers. You may also schedule the post for that particular time if you’re unavailable on those particular hours, it will keep boosting up your Instagram growth and increase Instagram followers organically.

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