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How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage?

Give Yourself Scalp Massage


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Nowadays everyone is always on the run. But it is important that we all take time to relax and refresh ourselves. Nothing can beat a massage when it comes to rest and relaxation. The most effective and relaxing massage is most definitely the scalp massage. When we exert ourselves a lot, we feel the pressure build up inside our head. For some people, the manifestations can be physical in the form of headaches or feeling the head heat up. Do you know what can help set it all back to normal? Give Yourself Scalp Massage for hair growth is all that one needs. This article is specially created to let you know all about scalp massage: its benefits, how to give yourself one and the various methods of scalp massage for natural hair growth.

Benefits of Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is known to have both physical and psychological health benefits. Here are some of the top benefits that one can derive from having a scalp massage:

Benefits of Scalp Massage
  • Release of pent-up tension: A scalp massage can be very helpful in releasing the built up tension and providing relief in the scalp and neck.
  • Promotes better sleep: Having a scalp massage helps to promote sleep as it triggers the secretion of sleep hormones.
  • Reduce stress: The best way to reduce stress is to have a nice relaxing scalp massage. Performing scalp massage at regular intervals of the day can help ensure that your day remains stress-free.
  • Enhance mood: A scalp massage helps to enhance one’s mood by increasing serotonin levels. This leaves one in a happy state and helps to promote one’s psychological well-being.
  • Enhances blood circulation: A scalp massage is one of the best ways to promote blood circulation in the brain. It serves by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the scalp, thus providing the scalp and hair roots with all the nutrients required for their healthy growth.
  • Hair growth: A scalp massage can strengthen the roots of hair follicles, thus promoting the growth of new hair.
  • Clean the hair: Performing a scalp massage on a regular basis can help to remove the dead skin cells and product build-up that gets logged in one’s hair.
  • Trigger natural scalp oil: A scalp massage has the power to trigger the release of the scalp’s natural oils through the sebaceous glands.
  • Rejuvenate hair: Scalp massage helps to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair.
  • Promotes scalp healing: A scalp massage can promote the healing of any scalp issues such as dryness, itchiness, dandruff, psoriasis, etc.

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How to give yourself a traditional scalp massage?

Unaware of how to perform a scalp massage, many pay lots of money for it at massage centres and salons. It is very easy to perform a traditional scalp massage. Here’s how you can give yourself a traditional scalp massage:

STEP 1: Find a relaxing place to sit.

STEP 2: First, run your hands through your hair back and forth.

STEP 3: Next, in circulation motions move your hands through your hair back and forth.

STEP 4: Next, run your hands through your hair from back to front in both straight and circular motions.

STEP 5: Now run your hands along the side of your head in both straight and circular motions.

STEP 6: Next place both of your hands over your head and rub it gently back and forth in unison.

STEP 7: To complete a scalp massage, rub your fingers behind your ears.

Other methods of scalp massage

For better or more specific results, you can always use oils and other natural remedies on your hair and then perform the scalp massage so that it gets spread evenly and reaches the roots of hair follicles and the surface of the scalp.

  • Oils: Just pour oil on the top of the scalp and at the back of your head. Then perform the traditional scalp massage. Here are some oils with very specific health benefits. Lavender oil is good for moisturizing your scalp. Chamomile oil is useful against itchiness. Coconut oil is great for growing hair and moisturizing the scalp.
  • Coffee scrub: Coffee scalp scrub is an amazing natural remedy to promote the health of your hair follicles and scalp. It serves by removing the dead skin cells, dirt, dandruff, and chemical by-products in your hair and logging inside your scalp pores. This way coffee scrubs for hair benefits and also encourages hair growth.
  • Lime juice: Lime juice is a traditional remedy for preventing dandruff and healing wounds in your scalp.
  • Egg white: It promotes the health of both hair follicles and the scalp by providing protein and other nutrients. After a tiring day at work or school, what you need is a nice and relaxing scalp massage. Just feel all the stress leaving your head with a scalp massage and experience the magic of scalp massage.

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