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How to Increase Your OTT Platform’s Viewership?

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OTT has grown much faster over the years and has become one of the great and affordable sources of entertainment. You must learn how you can earn and increase Increase Your OTT Platform’s Viewership to expand your business.

Learn Increase Your OTT Platform’s Viewership

Let’s learn how you can generate more revenue and Increase Your OTT Platform’s Viewership.

  1. Content
  2. Personalize the Experience
  3. Give Free Samples
  4. Viewer Experience
  5. Watch Parties
  6. Social Media to Improve Engagement
  7. Be Present Across Devices
  8. Analytics
  9. Push Notifications

Learn to Increase Your OTT Platform’s Viewership:

Keep in mind that the OTT platform you have chosen for your content will be a must-hitting your target audience so that you can easily promote your content and make more out of your content.

Make your content appear anyhow to the Target audience.

1. Content:

You possibly have heard that “content is king.” Your content can make you or destroy you, so it would be the sensitive side that you have to take care of.

Make sure you have created good content that the majority of your target audience will love; otherwise, they are going to lose interest.

This is the most critical consideration. A user will come to your platform to watch something at the end of the day. Make certain that your video’s content will hold the interest of your audience for an extended period of time. This is the first step in enticing the binge-watcher. And you need binge-watchers since the more time spent on your app, the more money you will make.

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2. Personalize the Experience:

Providing the personalized experience making the content more engaging will help you get the binge-watching users. Greet your users with hello wish them on their birthday.

Give them a best-personalized experience from your side.

A personalized experience is a smart approach to keep viewers interested once-great content is in place. Personalizing a “hello____” greeting is an option. It is also possible to include greetings such as “Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good Night.” (relying on the time of the day the person logs in).

As soon as the viewers have logged in, provide them with the information they seek. Searches, previous programs, wish lists, and so on might form the basis for this.

3. Give Free samples:

Give free content samples that attract the users to watch the content. Make your users feel the quality of content with free samples so that they get easily attracted to watch the whole content.

When were you going to a supermarket pop-up stall and trying something new? Did you like it enough to make a purchase the following time you were shopping?

Do the same for your content. You should give your viewers a 10-minute preview of your paid content. The only way to get them to pay is to get them hooked.

4. Viewer Experience:

Provide the best viewer experience with your content and the technical smoothness of Streaming on your OTT Platform so that viewers get the best experience.

The key to luring the binge-watcher has the proper content. Viewer satisfaction comes in a close third. The content must be presented in an enjoyable way to the user. Utilize a lightweight media player. It’s important to make it easy for viewers to resume where they left off when they return to your videos.

Assuming you have a global audience, sub-titles are also a smart idea.

The viewer’s experience is also harmed by intrusive advertising. The advertising should be reduced if the viewer is paying for the content.

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5. Watch Parties:

The pandemic has stifled social interaction. OTT is also perceived as a personalized experience for the viewer, but you may ensure that friends can watch material together in a unified manner using a variety of means…

There are virtual parties where friends can watch videos while chatting and arguing. A decent user interface could mean that friends will stay on after viewing a show to talk or speak with each other. The more time they put in, the more money you’ll make!

6. Improve Engagement with Social Media:

Use social media marketing strategies to reach out to your target audience generate more viewership for your OTT platform.

Facilitate social media sharing by making it simple for your customers to do so. Add a share button for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Reward them if they’ll offer their thoughts on the subject. Badges and trophies can be earned by sharing as many reviews and episodes as possible. It’s possible to use these in the virtual world and in conjunction with sponsor integrations for additional incentives.

7. Be Present across Devices:

OTT tends to conjure up images of mobile devices. However, owing to Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Smart TVs, and other similar technologies, your audience may be able to access your content on many devices simultaneously. As a result, if you want to catch your audience when they’re using a different device, All of them will require your presence.

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8. Offer Different Packs:

Offer different packs that users might be interested in making plans according to the viewer’s preferences.

Returning to the FMCG example, here we go again. In order to entice consumers to test the shampoo, the sachet size proved to be an excellent method of doing so. Similarly, members should be able to choose between a daily or weekly bundle at a reduced price point.

Your subscription numbers will rise, even if this doesn’t result in the customer purchasing a monthly or annual subscription to your platform.

9. Analytics:

Determine what’s working and what isn’t working in your content strategy… It’s also possible to find out where the visitors are coming from and provide material accordingly. Don’t forget to include material in their native language if your audience is from Europe or South America. This will be quite beneficial.

10. Push Notifications:

Every time you add new material, send a push notification to the user’s mobile device. Send them a letter instead of a text message if you don’t want to bother them with a notification on their smartphone. With this method, you may quickly draw a viewer’s attention and have them binge-watching on your platform before you realize it.

These are five techniques to boost OTT platform viewership. Contact us at Enveu if you’d like to learn more about putting any of these strategies into action and attracting the attention your material deserves.

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