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Top 3 Paraphrasing Tools for Bloggers and online content developers

Paraphrasing Tools for Bloggers

The content developers and writers have too much work on their heads every day, they have to create unique content for websites, apps, software, and other programs that are desirable. In order to reduce their effort and make their work swift the writers can always make use of technology and use online grammar and Paraphrasing Tools for Bloggers.

There are many online websites and tools available for rewriting, rewording the content, but in this article, we will bring the top 3 paraphrasing tools that are available online to generate unique content and remove plagiarism from the articles.


QuillBot is software for ‘sentence rephrasing’ that allows you to rewrite sentences from your content with very simple steps. QuillBot is available in free and premium versions and some features are only available to registered users.


Using the service is simple. Just copy and paste the text you want to rephrase and click Quill It to get started. By default, QuillBot uses Standard mode to rephrase the sentence which maintains the balance between changing text and maintaining meaning.

QuillBot also offer the feature of Grammar and Creative mode for more options. There are two other modes, Conciseness and Suggestion, which prioritize sentence length and changing text above all else but, these features are only available only for premium users.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tool as the name suggests is solely designed for bloggers, writers, students, essay writers, web content developers, and teachers to paraphrase their articles in a very short period of time and make them unique. The Paraphrasing Tool is totally free to use, there is no paid version currently.

Paraphrasing Tool

The users can go online and use the tool free of cost with unlimited requests. The paraphrasing tool is AI-powered which generates unique content with one click and removes plagiarism from the articles. Users can quickly remove plagiarism from their work and make their content unique which is desirable for everyone writing the content.


The free version offers critical online grammar and spells checking. Premium users also have access to the native desktop app for Windows macOS, integration with the Microsoft Office suite (Windows only), and access to your personal editor through Grammarly.


Other features that Grammarly offers include a plagiarism checker, access to documents saved on the device, double-click definition, and synonyms, the ability to add words to your personal dictionary, view an explanation of grammar rules, and obtain performance statistics by e-mail.

After writing or writing an article, Grammarly will suggest the use of synonyms or alt text to enhance the meaning of the text. It will also suggest that you rephrase the entire sentence and highlight the sentences with fragmentation if necessary.

All written documents are saved in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. The editor also displays other information such as word count, readability score, speech, and time reading.

Grammarly is a great tool for everyday writers. However, it is not free from flaws. Sometimes the tool may suggest synonyms which may totally change the context of the text or fail to detect spelling mistakes if you copy the article directly from a text editor to Grammarly.

It also fails to preserve rich text formats (if used). However, these problems mainly arise if you are in technical writing.


All the software listed in this article can help you reformulate sentences to create unique content. However, it is important to understand that reformulation software is not human and with all the advancements in AI these tools are still prone to errors when paraphrasing large numbers of sentences. To make sure the reformulation is done correctly, always proofread the text after the paraphrased process is complete. Also, be sure to check for any plagiarism in the text using a free or inbuilt plagiarism checker to avoid any copyright issues.

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