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Three Unique Ways to Incorporate Maps into Home Decor Ideas

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With so many fun and interesting ways to decorate your home, there is no need to ever reside in dull surroundings. When you enjoy the space in which you live, you will naturally be happier and more positive. You will enjoy returning home from your job each night, and you will be proud to share your home with your friends and family by placing the Incorporate Maps in your home decor ideas.

If you are currently seeking inspiration to redecorate your home, then you have come to the right place. Today you can discover how incorporating maps into your decor plans can be an amazing way to make your home look stylish and inviting.

1 City Maps as Wall Art

Using city maps as wall art is a fantastic way to add a touch of creativity to your home.

You have the option to collect these maps yourself when you are on vacation, or you can order custom city maps from Craft & Oak. Opting for personalized maps to commemorate meaningful moments in your life is a wonderful idea. Craft & Oak will create custom prints for you based on the memories you want to display.

This is a concept that you can embrace in just one room in your house and every room if you want to.

2 Map Roller Shades

Using maps to adorn your roller shades is such a fun way to include them as you decorate your home. This is an especially fun idea for those who want to get creative at home to produce something by hand. You might find that you enjoy your home decor more when certain aspects of it are handmade.

To create your very own map roller shade, you can attach your chosen map to a piece of linen that is cut to the same size. This can then be stapled expertly onto your roller shade. Make sure everything is the right size before you get started to avoid frustrations later down the line.

When you pull the finished roller shade down, you will be able to see the map inside your home.

3 An Entire Wall of Maps

Using several maps to cover an entire wall can be a seriously stylish statement.

If you are going to embrace this idea, then you can use a selection of random maps, or you can purposely choose maps that are significant in some way to you. This could be because they are from the place you were born to be maps of your favorite vacation destination.

If you choose maps that are meaningful to you, then this can serve as a great conversation starter when you have guests over. You can tell the story of your wall and explain why each place is so important to you.

Enjoying Your Home

If you have never thought about decorating with maps before, then you may be surprised at just how much you love the idea already. When you are excited about the appearance of your home, it goes without saying that you will enjoy this space even more.

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