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Pro tips for managing your company’s Wikipedia presence


Being a PR and marketing professionals, we usually undervalue the absolute power and influence Wikipedia exerts on the business community. Shareholders, employees, and clients depend on your company’s Wikipedia (create a Wikipedia page for business) presence to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your company, the successes, and failures. Having a Wikipedia page for your brand is one of the most significant online marketing assets you can have, here is the reason why;

Some fast facts about Wikipedia

  • Wikipedia and the power of SEO; Wikipedia pages rank among the top 10 searches in more than 95% of the cases.
  • Wikipedia is accessible that you know Wikipedia stands among the top six websites in the United States after Google, Facebook, YouTube amazon, and yahoo.
  • Facebook depends on Wikipedia here’s how? Do you know that Facebook extracts the content directly from Wikipedia to create a feed for its community?
  • What you see on Wikipedia will also be found on Facebook that it is the second-highest traffic-generating website in the world.
  • Wikipedia is always rapidly updated and has more than 21 million users and an enormous number of 2 billion edits.

Taking into account these benefits of Wikipedia concludes that you consider your company’s Wikipedia presence as highly crucial for your reputation. But the question that comes in your mind first is How to create a Wikipedia page for a business. However, what’s the PR pro to perform if there are a typo, factual errors and missing information on your page, or gasp, your notable company or brand don’t have a Wikipedia presence.

One of the biggest Wikipedia challenges has been the ability to force the accuracy of the content and the users who make contributions and edit Wikipedia pages. Though Wikipedia has fundamentally told the company representatives to create a Wikipedia page, either the PR agencies or in house communicators, they don’t need to edit company pages at all its in contradiction of the rules. The means that rapidly ruin your company’s reputation with Wikipedia is for you, or your PR agency is making edits to your page. According to the recent changes, here are the pro tips with which you can manage your company’s Wikipedia presence.

Research more about your company

Given a priority to create a Wikipedia page, make sure you are well aware of any presence your company or brand may already have. This will put you apart!

Observe more

If you come to acknowledge that you have already an existing Wikipedia page regarding your company, make sure you observe it a couple of times every year to ensure that it’s not spammed with information that is not true.

Always go in the right way

The rule of thumb is to proceed with extreme caution while doing anything involving Wikipedia. Take a close go through at the rules laid by Wikipedia, and the Wikipedia foundation considers the employees, supporters, and public agents may have a conflict of interest in creating and altering articles.

Make suggestions with the edits in the talk page

More than 60% of corporate and PR agency professionals find factual errors in the Wikipedia pages. The golden standard to deal with this is to ask the Wikipedia editors to make corrections. As in 2014, the agreement between the largest PR firms in the USA made a promise to stand by the Wikipedia rules. What this means that you can contribute your suggestions and make corrections through the talk page with the option provided at the upper left hand of the Wikipedia article. But keep in mind it may take several days and weeks to hear the response.

Complete revelation

When contributing to Wikipedia make sure that you are exposing correctly who you are and your compensated relationship with the company and so Wikipedia encourages editors to disclose all the paid contributions made by them.

Talk like you have the expert knowledge to create a Wikipedia page

Keep yourself acknowledged that a press release is not suitable as per the tone of Wikipedia. The website is founded on the principles of neutrality, notability, and verifiability. For instance, facts are nearly always referred by the third-party sources, and the news article (create a Wikipedia page) and the community is often self-publishing. So make sure you suggest sources for all of your submitted edits and offer the neutral tone and unbiased content. If you don’t own a Wikipedia page take a pause, the best thing to do is not to write an article but to wait and build your business, as it starts getting the notability a Wikipedants will do it for you.


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