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The Superfood That Cuts Down Belly Fat: Quinoa for Weight Loss

Quinoa for weight loss


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Gained quite a popularity over the years, quinoa is a nutrient-rich source of food. As a grain-like seed, quinoa is enriched in proteins, iron, vitamin E and B, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc. It is cooked like rice and popularly consumed for weight loss. Quinoa for Weight Loss is a food that is widely available on the market and can easily be found. It is a good substitute for high-carb grains in the weight loss diet.

Concerns often faced by the vegetarian of not having several or a variety of options available that constituent of all the necessary amino acids and nutrients in a single healthy diet. In other words, quinoa benefits weight loss and is not only limited to the weight loss journey but also a rich source of proteins and fibers with a low Glycemic Index (GI).

Quinoa Protein: Nutrition Value

Having an impressive profile of nutrition, quinoa protein is considered the mother of all grains or superfoods. These grains are organically grown and sourced. White, black, and red are the variants of quinoa grains.

According to the data, a cup or one hundred and eighty-five grams of cooked quinoa has the following nutrition value:

Quinoa Protein Nutrition Value

From the above mentioned-data, quinoa is proved to be an ideal inclusion in the weight loss diet.

Quinoa for Weight Loss and Health Benefits

Quinoa grains are a popular vegetarian option for losing weight and are a complete source of nutrients that keeps you feeling fuller for longer hours and have a low-calorie intake that is gluten-free. Let us have a look at the benefits of quinoa protein and the importance of quinoa for weight loss journey.

The gluten-free choice for losing weight

For those who have an intolerance for gluten, quinoa protein is the best and ideal substitute for weight loss and a healthy diet. It has anti-oxidant properties and adds an ample amount of nutritious value to your diet. In modern times, vegan and gluten-free diet have their craze, thus, people kept looking for a good alternative to wheat, etc. Quinoa is the best gluten-free food to replace their routine grains with.

Can Simply Go with Your Diet Plan

Incorporating quinoa grains in the weight loss diet is so easy and simple, i.e., there are a variety of tasty and healthy recipes that can be cooked with quinoa grains to try. Having a neutral taste, it can be added to any edible stuff to make a unique recipe.

Some of the popular recipes or ways to try for losing weight with quinoa:

  • Quinoa porridge
  • Quinoa Smoothie
  • Salads
  • Quinoa flakes, popcorns
  • Quinoa Chilla
  • Poha
  • Pasta
  • Pudding
  • Soups, etc.

Make sure to wash quinoa before blending it into any recipe to get rid of the bitter after-taste of the outer layer of quinoa grains.

Weight Loss Friendly Seeds

Quinoa is not directly associated with weight loss, however, makes the process of losing weight much easier and simpler. As quinoa is enriched with high fiber and protein, it makes you control your hunger for longer hours. In other words, it helps you feel fuller and aids in avoiding unnecessary snacking and munching between the hours of your meals.

A Healthy Diet Rich in Fibre

Quinoa is one of the fiber-rich superfoods available in the Indian market. It contains approx. sixteen grams of fiber components which is more compared to the other grains. If you are looking for a fiber-rich food element in your diet for losing weight, quinoa could fit in the best.

Quinoa is widely known for its multiple health benefits and is the best addition to a healthy diet. It can be added to multiple recipes and yield a high nutritional value which offers health advantages.

It not only makes tasty recipes but is also an essential addition to your diet. Quinoa benefits weight loss and is popularly acknowledged for the same without ifs and buts. However, before adducing quinoa into your diet for losing weight and consuming it, ensure to have a discussion with your nutritionist or dietician.


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