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7 Reasons to Remodel Your Home

remodel your home

A home is comprised of many elements that wear off after continual use. Therefore, a house needs renovation after every few years.

Even though home renovations are time-consuming and often challenging, homeowners still make this decision for many reasons. And these reasons motivate them to spend thousands of dollars on their homes. In the US, an average resident spent approximately $7,560 in 2018 on home renovation. And the total home improvement expenditure was $457 billion in 2020.

Some reasons that might motivate people to start a home improvement project are mentioned below. Continue reading to know more.

1. To preserve the beauty of your house

One of the most substantial reasons to renovate is to upgrade a place built long ago. Old architecture and vintage elements in the house’s structure and foundation look tremendous but need constant care and upkeep.

Some cities in the US are famous for their older historic homes, and Forney is one of them. Residents in these cities must preserve their beautiful architecture by ensuring their houses are repaired periodically.

One thing you must remember when renovating an older home is to manage your stuff before starting the project. For instance, there is always a possibility that a weak wall may crumble on impact damaging your belongings.

You can save your belongings by putting them in a storage facility.

Finding a storage facility near the house is much easier in a smaller city, such as Forney, where distances between places are not much. So, choosing a storage Forney facility is an excellent option, especially if the unit is affordable and near your house for easy access to protect your stuff from damage when renovating your home.

2. Enjoy your stay in the house

Renovating your house to increase your comfort is never a less significant reason. Your home is where you go for peace, comfort, and relaxation. It should always be a place that brings a beautiful smile and a sense of relief to your face when you step in through the front door. When the house stops providing you with the comfort you crave, a home renovation must be done. So, you can always prioritize your comfort over other things and make changes in the house.

There can be many instances when you don’t enjoy your stay in the house. For example, a leaky roof is a nuisance. It will create a mess and will destroy your property and valuables. As a result, your house will no longer remain the place where your heart craves to reside. Solving this problem with a home renovation project is a good decision.

3. Make your house more spacious

Renovating your house is a surefire way to make it look more spacious. For instance, you can chop down a few walls and adopt an open house plan to make it look wider. Your kitchen and living room become one area; the same space can also be used for family meals. In this way, home renovation becomes a great way to make your house roomier without adding more space and creating a space where the whole family spends time together. 

4. To increase the resale value

Sometimes your goal to renovate your house is motivated by financial gains. You want to make changes in the place to command a higher resale value when clinching a deal with a buyer.

There is ample evidence that renovating a house increases its resale value. According to a home improvement loan lending platform, RenoFi, a home renovation project provides a 70% ROI (Return on Investment).

Some projects even return the entire investment you make on a repair. For instance, a complete roof replacement returns all the money you spend on it, says the National Association of Realtors, 2022 report.

So, if the ulterior motive behind renovating your house is to make it look more attractive to prospective buyers, go for it. You will most likely not regret your decision.

5. Improve your house’s aesthetic appeal

For many people, spending a lot of money just to change how the house looks is never a practical and justifiable decision. But there is no harm in this plan. Never doubt your decision to modernize your house and enhance its aesthetic appeal. After all, it is your right to live in a place that looks good to the eye. It is as simple as getting bored by working in the same kitchen for years. Even if it is perfectly functional and fulfills all your needs, you can still change it. Similarly, you might want to add a bathtub or change sanitary in the bathroom.

There can be many reasons you want to modify the look of your house; not each is required to pass your “practicality” test.

6. Make it suitable to live after retirement

Are you retiring soon and planning to live in the same house? It is time for a home renovation project. Make changes in the house that makes passing your post-retirement and older years easier and safer. You can add handrails in the shower area and along the staircase. Similarly, you can put nonskid mats in various slippery places, especially in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, to avoid the chances of any accident.

Other things you can add to your current house are

  • Fire alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Add storage to tuck in all the clutter
  • Put a waterproof chair in the shower area
  • Install doorknobs with handles in place of standard door knobs

7. To make mandatory repairs

In most cases, the reason for renovating the house is not as fancy as changing its looks or comfort. Instead, you need mandatory repairs. After using a place for a few things, problems like electrical wiring issues, plumbing and water damage situations, broken windows, glasses, dysfunctional door knobs, and whatnot.

You might also see that the water damage is causing the paint on the walls to dislodge and chip off. All these problems make a strong case for mandatory repairs, asking you to start a home renovation project. 


Home repairs are creating business for many people in the country apart from making the house better and more functional for the homeowners. For example, in 2020, in the USA, home center stores made a revenue of approximately $300 billion, significantly more than the last year. Other reasons that justify a home renovation project are mentioned above; you can read through them to know when you qualify for one too.


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