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Why do SSL Certificates Help SEO?

SSL Certificates Help SEO

Nowadays, businesses, both big and small, focus on utilizing different SEO strategies to strengthen their reach and usher in organic traffic to their websites. As you already know, websites that can attain higher rankings in the Google search results are the ones that gain the most traffic. The search engines find such content informative and valuable for showcasing the users and readers on the internet and SSL Certificates Help SEO

You can look all over the internet and pick any brand and its website. It could be the Forbes website featuring a top 10 list, the escape room Bangalore site, an anime review page from MyAnimeList, or a cooking blog. In each case, SEO plays a crucial role in increasing their visibility and ranking.

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It shows the importance of SEO in promoting your brand and reaching out to your target audience. But while you are well aware of SEO and its benefits in e-commerce, digital marketing, and the trading industry, are you mindful of the vitality of SSL certificates help SEO and how they aid in your SEO planning? Or, more essentially, what are SSL certificates, and how do they connect with SEO?

So, in this article, let’s take a look at the importance of SSL certificates and how they help SEO. And to better understand this topic, let us go through the following questions mentioned below: 

What are SSL certificates? 

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates are a way of ensuring security for different websites. We usually install these specific and small data files on a web server. They work on activating a padlock that makes way for a secure connection from the designated web server to a particular browser. In this way, web surfing becomes much more secure than ever. 

When people visit an HTTPS website, the SSL certificate works to ensure the user that whatever information is getting shared will not be leaked to anyone else. It is the encrypted connection that helps in safeguarding your data from leaks and hacks.  

How do SSL Certificates Help SEO?

Now that you have a clear idea about an SSL certificate, let us try to understand how it impacts SEO. These are some of how SSL certificates leave an impact on the search engine rankings of your brand’s website:

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1. Boost up your search engine rankings seamlessly   

You must also check the various other factors of SEO that also impact your search engine rankings. The key to elevating your website rankings lies in properly implementing your SSL certificates such that you offer viewers an enhanced experience. 

So, together with ensuring the other SEO strategies, the presence of an HTTPS website can gradually uplift your brand’s rankings on the search results. In today’s demanding and competitive business world, the presence of an SSL certificate on your brand’s website can help you bolster your way to success! 

2. Having an SSL certificate helps improve your user experience

With the growing number of cybercrimes and data security breaches, Google has now stood up to ensure its users a safe and secure browsing experience. So, yes, having an SSL certificate on your website is gradually becoming the new standard these days. Any kind of business launched these days comes in with its SSL certificate. 

Businesses have grown up to understand the vitality of having an SSL certificate on their websites. They have realized how the presence of an SSL certificate on their website tells their viewers that theirs is an authoritative and trustworthy website. It helps viewers realize that the website is safe and secure for them to check out and also helps them gradually improve their SEO rankings. 

Thus, it has consequently ensured that those websites that offer their viewers a poor and insecure experience do not gain a top position in the SERPs. We know that those websites that do not have SSL certificates tend to offer their users a relatively poor user experience. 

Nowadays, if and when a given user lands on a potentially unsafe website, they would encounter visible indicators telling them that the website is insecure. They would then automatically stop browsing that website and move on to another relevant website. 

Once Google notices that too many users are behaving the same way with a particular website, they will mark the website in question and demote it on the SERPs. Since almost every user who opens up the given website immediately quits it, the website in question would get recognized as unreliable. 

As you can understand by now, once your website gets designated as unsafe, it will eventually lead to a gradual demotion of your website in the search results! 

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How are different companies looking at SSL certificates?  

Even though recently, SSL certificates became free, you can find very few websites to rely on using them. According to some surveys made recently, the number is approximately 6% of the top 10,000 websites appearing on the Google search results. 

People working in the marketing sector in different businesses are still in doubt about the vitality of SSL certificates in improving their SEO strategies. Recently, another survey showed that a vast majority of websites are not even thinking of shifting their websites to a secure HTTPS/SSL version.  


So, if you wish to make your business survive and thrive in today’s competitive business world, don’t forget to install your SSL certificate. And you must also ensure that you have only an appropriate and 100% encrypted SSL certificate help SEO for your business website. It will help ensure your viewers that your website is safe and reliable. 

While this article gives you a brief overview of SSL certificates, make sure to do your homework and find the kind of SSL certificate you need for your business. And then ensure that you secure it for your brand’s website to help it reach new heights of success in the future!

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