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Statistics Validating the Rise of School Franchise Opportunities in India

School Franchise

Nowadays, starting a school business in India is becoming one of the most prominent and profitable ones in the Indian business industry. Due to rising awareness, people are getting to know the popularity of this franchise-based education business model, which is now revamping the entire Indian education market. School franchise owners are taking the en-route towards franchising in order to expand their business along with assuring success to their brand. In India, school franchise option is increasing due to its population of almost 15 crore children, that fall in the age group of 0-6 years, and who do need proper care & early education. Here are some reasons for the rise of school franchise opportunities in India.

  1. Ideal Model & Curriculum

When school opens a franchise in Pan India, then the school follows the same model and curriculum of education across India, which benefits the children, because it has to maintain brand value and add fame to its name.

  • Benefits for Potential Investors

Due to the increasing awareness of opening a school, potential investors are realizing the benefits of the franchising model and how it can help them achieve their vision, and this is the reason the pre-school education industry itself in India is currently valued at more than 15,000 Crores, growing at a high CAGR of 23%.

  • Tried and Tested Model

All the works of a school franchise are tried and tested by the franchisor. So, investors only need to follow instructions given by franchise and franchised business often provides full support to its associate’s partner.

  • Collaboration with a Trusted Brand

The main advantage of getting associated with the franchise is that it provides a well-established brand name to its investors. Moreover, the associates enjoy nationwide acknowledgment, which helps in the business growth.

  • All-Time Support

When you start a school, the franchisor is always ready to support you which come with a higher success rate that even during tougher times.

  •  Financial support

In the school franchise business model, loans are very easily available and the franchisor also helps to arrange the loan to start the school business.

  •  Training and support from the Franchisor

The franchisor arranges the best training and support from the initial point of opening the school and you will get all the tools, training materials and guidelines from the parent company or franchisor.

  • High growth

In India, new schools are opening more, and they tend to opt for the school franchise business model. And the fact remains that for every 1200 franchise, 400 are an educational franchise. Finally, the ratio of education, the franchise is growing at a rate of 35% and will continue to grow in the next few years. At the initial level of school opening, entrepreneurs have to survive a lot, which is to run the business with an existing brand, apart from minimizing its risk of failure.  

  • Easy to attract potential customer

One of the biggest advantages to open a school in India  from a known brand is that people do not have to make extra efforts to attract their prospects as everyone is aware of the educational brand’s name and somewhat relate to the brand’s worth.

  1. Opportunities in Small Towns & Cities

Few reports suggest that the Indian preschool market is currently likely to be under penetrated with only 17% of the children prospects in the age group of 1.5-4 years, who are attending some preschool or similar kind of pre-school institutions. This percentage is even lower in the smaller towns where the figure is even lower say less than 10% of children who go to a preschool. So, here is a great potential and scope of expansion of opening a school franchise.

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