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Top Neha Kakkar Songs: A Musical Showcase

Top Neha Kakkar Songs

Music has the ability to take us on emotional journeys, take us to new places, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Neha Kakkar is a musical force to be reckoned with in the vibrant world of Bollywood music, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and captivating performances. Using her hit songs as a guide, let’s explore this singing sensation’s musical journey.

Neha Kakkar Songs

Here below is the list of top Neha Kakkar Songs: –

1. Second Hand Jawani (2012)

Our showcase begins with the energetic hit song “Second Hand Jawani.” With her upbeat performance of this song from the film Cocktail, Neha Kakkar launched her career.

2. Sunny Sunny (2013)

Neha Kakkar and Honey Singh worked together in 2013 to produce the hit song “Sunny Sunny.” This catchy song came to represent sunny days and carefree emotions.

3. Manali Trance (2014)

Neha captivated audiences with “Manali Trance” from the film Shaukeens, taking a surreal turn. Her voice combined with hypnotic beats produced a distinctive soundscape.

4. London Thumakda (2014)

Neha demonstrated her versatility in “London Thumakda,” smoothly flitting between upbeat beats and melancholic notes. This Queen song, which celebrates joy and dancing, became a wedding anthem.

5. Aao Raja (2015)

The song “Aao Raja” from the film Gabbar Is Back was released in 2015. This sensual song became popular due to Neha’s seductive voice, which gave it an alluring charm.

6. Daaru Peeke Dance (2015)

The hit song “Daaru Peeke Dance” demonstrated Neha’s ability to liven up any event. This song became popular at social gatherings because of its catchy beats.

7. Wedding Da Season (2015)

Honoring the essence of nuptials, “Wedding Da Season” emerged as a preferred song for celebrations. This song became a marriage celebration staple thanks to Neha’s upbeat performance.

8. Mile Ho Tum (Reprise) (2016)

Unquestionably one of Neha Kakkar’s most famous performances, the reprise of “Mile Ho Tum” touched listeners and became a timeless love ballad.

9. Kala Chashma (2016)

“Kala Chashma” from Baar Baar Dekho demonstrated Neha’s talent for bringing energy and fun to her songs. Due to its infectious beats, this song quickly gained popularity on dance floors.

10. Maahi Ve Unplugged (2016)

Neha sang “Maahi Ve” in an emotionally charged, unplugged performance that demonstrated her versatility and capacity to emote deeply.

11. Main Tera Boyfriend (2017)

Neha Kakkar continued her run of successful songs with “Main Tera Boyfriend” from Raabta, a lively song that appealed to young people.

12. Badri Ki Dulhania (2017)

Badrinath Ki Dulhania’s title track, “Badri Ki Dulhania,” quickly became a favorite because it perfectly complemented the joyful mood of the movie and Neha’s lively vocals.

13. Lift Teri Bandh Hai (2017)

“Lift Teri Bandh Hai” was a touching song that added a hint of romance and demonstrated Neha’s talent for bringing out the sweetness in love songs.

14. Kudiya Shehar Diyan (2017)

For fans of the pop-Punjabi fusion of music, “Kudiya Shehar Diyan” has become a staple on playlists thanks to its Punjabi beats and Neha’s upbeat performance.

15. Mehbooba (2017)

Neha’s repertoire gained some quirkiness from “Mehbooba” from Fukrey Returns, demonstrating her versatility across various genres and moods.

16. Kar Gayi Chull (2018)

Neha Kakkar continued to have success in 2018 with “Kar Gayi Chull.” This upbeat song by Kapoor & Sons quickly became a hit at parties.

17. Tera Ghata (2018)

Peering into the emotional realm, “Tera Ghata” demonstrated Neha’s capacity to emote with listeners by capturing heartbreak in her soul-stirring voice.

18. Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2018)

Neha gave her voice to the reworked rendition of “Aashiq Banaya Aapne,” giving it a contemporary twist and enthralling listeners in the process.

19. Zindagi Mil Jayegi (2018)

Neha and Tony Kakkar worked together to create “Zindagi Mil Jayegi,” a heartfelt song that quickly rose to the top of romantic playlists.

20. Dil Chahiye (2018)

The melancholic “Dil Chahiye” demonstrated Neha’s capacity to infuse her songs with nuance and passion, demonstrating her versatility in crafting poignant tunes.

21. Aa Toh Sahi (2018)

“Aa Toh Sahi” became a lively song that highlighted Neha’s playful side and added a dash of fun and mischief, making it popular with the younger audience.

22. Aankh Marey (2018)

Neha Kakkar’s reimagining of the classic “Aankh Marey” from Simmba became a dance floor favorite, fusing modern beats with nostalgia.

23. Chamma Chamma (2018)

Fraud Saiyaan’s “Chamma Chamma” became an instant hit because it demonstrated Neha’s ability to add her own style to item numbers.

24. La La La (2018)

“La La La” is a club anthem thanks to its catchy beats, and Neha’s vocals give it an extra dose of glitz and vigor.

25. Do Gallan (2018)

“Do Gallan” demonstrated Neha’s talent for performing love ballads with its melancholic melody, solidifying her place in her fans’ hearts.

26. Chhote Chhote Peg (2018)

Neha Kakkar brought the party to life with her collaboration with Yo Yo Honey Singh on the song “Chhote Chhote Peg,” which became a byword for celebration.

27. Dilbar (2018)

Neha Kakkar recreated the legendary “Dilbar,” adding her own flair and making it a dance club favorite and chart-topper.

28. Oh Humsafar (2019)

With its captivating composition and poignant lyrics, “Oh Humsafar” quickly became a wedding favorite, showcasing Neha’s softer, more romantic side.

29. Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi (2019)

The heartfelt “Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi” cemented Neha’s talent for expressing love and longing, making it a staple on romantics’ playlists.

30. Akkad Bakkad (2019)

“Akkad Bakkad” was a lively song that connected with the younger generation and quickly became a dance floor hit by showcasing Neha’s energy.

31. Tu Hi Yaar Mera (2019)

Neha Kakkar and Arijit Singh collaborated to create the soulful duet “Tu Hi Yaar Mera,” which became a showcase for Neha Kakkar’s versatility.

32. Sorry Song (2019)

Sent with regret and heartbreak, Neha’s powerful vocals on the “Sorry Song” demonstrated her ability to convey a range of complex emotions.

33. Dheeme Dheeme (2019)

“Dheeme Dheeme” has come to be associated with funky sounds and dance events; Neha Kakkar’s upbeat performance takes the song to entirely new levels.

34. O Saki Saki (2019)

Strong dance numbers are Neha’s specialty, and the energetic “O Saki Saki” proved her ability to add intensity to her songs.

35. Nikle Currant (2019)

Neha Kakkar, in collaboration with Jassi Gill, produced the lively song “Nikle Currant,” which brought some lightheartedness to the music landscape.

36. Jinke Liye (2019)

“Jinke Liye” was a poignant addition to Neha’s repertoire because of its emotional depth, which demonstrated her ability to portray heartbreak.

37. Wah Wai Wahh (2019)

With the addition of Punjabi flavour, “Wah Wai Wahh” turned into a joyful and enthusiastic celebration, with Neha Kakkar’s passionate vocals taking center stage.

38. Puchda Hi Nahin (2019)

“Puchda Hi Nahin” made a lasting impression on lovers of regional music by showcasing Neha’s talent for producing soulful Punjabi songs.

39. Taaron Ke Shehar (2020)

Neha Kakkar and Jubin Nautiyal collaborated to create “Taaron Ke Shehar,” a romantic song that touched listeners’ hearts and became an instant hit.

40. Om Jai Jagdish Hare (2020)

Neha Kakkar’s rendition of “Om Jai Jagdish Hare” took a devotional turn, showcasing her versatility in delivering heartfelt devotional songs.

41. Teri Bhabhi (2020)

“Teri Bhabhi” gained some fun and became a playful track that demonstrated Neha’s ability to bring fun into her music.

42. Garmi (2020)

Neha Kakkar’s fiery vocals on the dance hit “Garmi” from Street Dancer 3D turned it into a dance phenomenon.

43. Khyaal Rakhya Kar (2020)

Neha Kakkar and her brother Tony Kakkar collaborated to create the soulful song “Khyaal Rakhya Kar,” which connected with fans.

44. Kalla Sohna Nai (2020)

A favorite song for lovers, “Kalla Sohna Nai” demonstrated Neha’s ability to sing heartfelt melodies.

45. Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag (2020)

With a nostalgic twist, “Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag” turned into a joyful song that captured the essence of the holiday season.

46. Dil Ko Karaar Aaya (2020)

Neha Kakkar’s soulful rendition of “Dil Ko Karaar Aaya” demonstrated her ability to emote with love and peace.

47. Nehu Da Vyah (2020)

“Nehu Da Vyah” became a wedding anthem, celebrating love and commitment and demonstrating Neha’s versatility in encapsulating meaningful moments.

48. Baarish Mein Tum (2022)

A favorite during the monsoons, “Baarish Mein Tum” maintained Neha Kakkar’s run of romantic hits with its lulling melody and poignant lyrics.

49. Bijli (2022)

“Bijli” added an electrifying touch and demonstrated Neha’s ability to put energy into her songs, making it a standout high-voltage track.

50. Mud Mud Ke (2022)

“Mud Mud Ke” developed into a contemplative song that highlighted Neha’s capacity to portray introspective feelings thanks to its soulful melody.

51. Makhna (2022)

Working with Singhsta, “Makhna” turned into a lively song that gave Neha Kakkar’s discography a new, upbeat feel.

52. Kanta Laga (2021)

Neha Kakkar’s rendition of the timeless “Kanta Laga,” which she revived, became an instant hit and added a nostalgic touch to the music scene.

53. Tattoo Waaliye (2021)

With a modern twist, “Tattoo Waaliye” became a song that connected with the younger demographic, demonstrating Neha’s ability to change with the times in the music industry.

54. Khad Tainu Main Dassa (2021)

Neha Kakkar demonstrated her ability to create emotionally charged melodies that have a lasting impact with the soulful “Khad Tainu Main Dassa”. One of the Neha Kakkar Songs and best video with Rohan Preet.

55. Laal Ghaghra (2022)

“Laal Ghaghra” gained a glamorous touch and developed into a Bollywood dance number that highlighted Neha’s ability to perform songs with grandeur in a variety of ways.

56. Gaddi Kaali (2022)

The upbeat song “Gaddi Kaali” turned into a celebration of swagger and style, with Neha Kakkar’s vocals adding even more attitude.

57. 12 Ladke (2022)

“12 Ladke” was a catchy song that appealed to the younger generation because it highlighted Neha’s vibrant personality.

58. Buhe Vich (2023)

With the addition of a Punjabi touch, “Buhe Vich” evolved into a celebration of music and culture, demonstrating Neha’s ability to relate to local music enthusiasts. It is added to the Neha Kakkar Songs recently and it is very hit song.

59. SUIT PATIALA (2023)

“SUIT PATIALA,” which showcases Neha Kakkar’s progression in the music industry by bringing a modern twist to traditional sounds, closes our musical showcase.


To sum up, Neha Kakkar‘s career as a musician is nothing less than a triumphant symphony. From “Second Hand Jawani” with its upbeat beats to “Mile Ho Tum,” which stirs the soul, each song showcases her talent at encapsulating a range of emotions. As we honour Neha Kakkar’s contribution to music with top Neha Kakkar Songs, it’s clear that her hits have established themselves as essential components of the Bollywood soundtrack, evoking enduring memories for admirers across the globe. So enter the melodic universe of Neha Kakkar’s greatest hits and allow her voice to carry you away to a place of pure musical bliss.


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