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10 Types of Printed Shirts That Looks Stunning with Blue Denims

Types of Printed Shirts


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Denim is becoming part of everyday fashion and it is very comfortable to wear every day. Printed shirts are emerging in the fashion industry as statement pieces. There are a lot of ways to style printed shirts but today we bring you the 10 Types Of Printed Shirts That Looks Stunning With Blue Denims.

10 Printed Shirts That Looks Stunning With Blue Denims

Printed shirts are in trend right and give your personality an amazing makeover, and give you the space to play with the style and find out the perfect design and Types Of Printed Shirts to go with your denim. Let’s find Types Of Printed Shirts That Looks Stunning With Blue Denims.

1. Geometric Printed Shirts

This type of printed Shirt is very common and fun to style, it includes mathematical signs such as minus, plus, division, and shapes in irregular colors.

Geometric Printed Shirts
Image Credit

If shape or prints carry dark colors then pair with light or acid wash denim and prints carry light colors then pair it with dark-colored denim. Include a touch of accessories to complete your look.

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2. Baroque Printed Shirt

Baroque means to elaborate or over the top, Baroque Prints come in high-end fashion or in couture. Luxury brands include this kind of print, it is a sign of luxury & Royalty. It came to light in the 17th to 18th century during the Baroque Era in art and music. 

Baroque Printed Shirt
Image Credit

On Black base color with gold Baroque Print is a luxury statement in the fashion world, coupled with black denim and gold accessories like watches and bracelets, and prefer to wear this gold print at night. You can easily buy these best printed shirts for men & women.

3. Paisley Printed Shirt

It is in trend nowadays it is shaped like a droplet-shaped motif, Specially comes in traditional Indian print. But now used in western wear worldwide, most of the luxury brands used this type of print.

Paisley Printed Shirt
Image Credit

Dark Base printed shirts coordinated with white or light shade denim and light-based prints suitable with dark-colored denim. Accessories with a Watch or Bracelet, Sunglasses, hat, and stylish pair of footwear. 

4. Abstract Printed shirt

This type of print includes different types of shapes, designs with matching color scheme shapes which are included, maybe irregular and repeated or combination two-three shapes. It looks trendy & unique best comes in beach prints.

Abstract Printed shirt
Image Credit

You can add dark and light denim according to your preference. Don’t forget the accessories to complete your fit.

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5. Block Printed shirt

Block print is a traditional printing method on a fabric, block print has been in trend for decades it never goes out of style. In Indian wear, you can find block prints in every type of garment Especially in shirts.

Block Printed shirt
Image Credit

Jaipuri Block Printed shirts are best in quality, traditionally accurate, and beautifully designed. It contains lots of variety to choose from. Block printed shirts look best with denim you can style with any kind of denim jeans. Accessories are a must to wear to complete the look.

6. Zig – Zag Printed Shirt

Zigzag print is fun and gives you a fresh look, it comes in the 20s era and then continuously gained popularity in fashion designers and in common people.

Zig - Zag Printed Shirt
Image Credit

You may have to add this type of print shirt to your closet. These types of prints look awesome with denim and look very fresh and stylish.  

7. Animal Printed Shirts

The animal print came into notice in the ’80s and after that, it never went out of style. Animal print comes in the luxury category. Lots of big brands come with this print shirt in their collection.

Animal Printed Shirts
Image Credit

Nowadays Small Brands try to make replicas of high-end fashion printed shirts at a reasonable price to fulfill the customer needs. Can pair with loose or fitted denim which you preferred the most and add accessories to look sharp.

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8. Polka Dot Printed shirt

Polka Dot print consists of a pattern of large filled circles of almost the same size, it is a common pattern and we see it on everyday lifestyle things like furniture, toys, ceramics, and fashion apparel.

Polka Dot Printed shirt
Image Credit

It is an evergreen and most used print in the fashion world and came to notice in the ’90s as hot fashion in the fashion industry. Polka dot printed shirts come in a lot of variety, you can pair with your favorite style of denim with it, and don’t forget to accessorize with a watch or bracelet, scarf, and perfect pair of footwear.

9. Character Printed shirts

Character print came to light in early 2000 in the form of a doodle, then it evolved and became an artistic style of fashion. Most big influencers carry these types of prints in shirts, co-ord sets, and t-shirts. We can see the touch of character print in lots of fashion designers’ work.

Character Printed shirts
Image Credit

Character print is a funky statement of style and a lot of teenagers prefer to wear it, they style with denim and a good pair of funky-colored shoes. Dark base paired with light or acid wash denim and light base color best paired with dark or charcoal denim.

10. Tribal Printed shirt

Tribal print basically originated from tribal art, this type of print originated from the visual and material culture of indigenous people. The tribal print came to light in the 2000s, most of the designers used these types of designs in print.

Tribal Printed shirt
Image Credit

Nowadays they came back to life in the fashion world, this print is specially used on men’s clothing as tribal print. You can easily find it under the men’s printed shirt section.

We hope you find the perfect Types of Printed Shirts for your denim and this print helps you to find your style better. Keep styling.

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