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4 Ways to Use Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

4 Ways to Use Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

Telling a great story is not only about the words it uses, but also about what it teaches us about something new and the message it passes across. Storytelling can be a powerful social media marketing tool when done right. Many businesses now understand this, and we are seeing them incorporate it more into their strategies, especially as customers are increasingly not moved by what used to work in the past but instead demand new experiences.

So, how can you use storytelling in your social media marketing?

Show Instead of Tell

Businesses typically have a few seconds to capture an audience’s attention. This means there is not enough time to tell them about a product or service because they will log off mentally or abandon the page altogether.

Recognising this, businesses are now using compelling videos, interesting infographics, and stunning visuals alongside catchy titles to get audiences interested and get their messages across quickly. For example, one camera company created videos using its products to showcase what they can do and show their audiences what using them would look like.

With video and visuals becoming a crucial part of social media marketing, consider sitting down with a digital marketing agency to discuss how they can help you incorporate both in your strategies. They might even be able to help you measure your results so that you find areas of improvement for a better return on your investment.

Create a Story Arc

The best stories have a beginning, middle and end, and a message the creator wants the audience to embrace. You can incorporate these elements in the content you create for your social media accounts. While every image, post, or short clip you create should tell a story by itself, why not take your customers and audience on a journey by ensuring they are all part of a longer story arc?

Doing so provided you with several benefits. First, you can experiment with new ways of showcasing your products and services. Second, you can hook your audience for much longer if they know something is coming at the end of the story.

Leverage Influencers

Many businesses are using strategies that combine several elements, typically a product, a genuine cause, and an influencer or celebrity. These elements allow the business to tap into something people care about (the cause), leverage the power of the influencer, and sell their products at the same time.

A great example is a business that encouraged people to change their lives using their meditation app. The cause was better mental health, the product was the app, and they hired influencers in the mental health space to help them with their marketing campaign.

Consider What Matters

Once you have researched to understand your audience and have started creating your story, think about why it is meaningful to them. Consider what matters to them in the long run, not just while the campaign is running.

Figuring this out will help you create stories that appeal emotionally to your audience while ensuring they can relate to the campaign’s messaging.Businesses already have different ways of using social media, but many do not realise or leverage the power of storytelling. It helps you take your audience and potential customers on a journey that hooks them for the long term and produces incredible results as it does.


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