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We Have Solid Carbide End Mills For Sale

Solid Carbide End Mills

When it comes to milling cutting tools, you need to make sure that your cutters can stand up to abuse. Tools can overheat and lose their edge when working with Aluminum, Steel, and other hard materials. One way to avoid wearing out your tools is to make sure you are using solid carbide tools. These cutters will stand up to more complex materials and last significantly longer than tools made of steel or even carbide-coated tools. If you are looking to find quality Solid Carbide End Mills For Sale, visit Online Carbide today to find tons of great options.

At Online Carbide, we are an American manufacturer of quality solid carbide end mills. Every tool we make starts out with the same solid carbide stock used by major brands. To ensure that all devices are developed to our exact specifications, we create our end mills using a robot loaded 5 axis CNC grinder. This advanced grinding technology is the same type used by industry leaders. Unlike those big names, we don’t sell our finished end mills through middlemen. Instead, we offer all of our solid carbide end mills for sale at direct manufacturer prices.

The reason quality carbide is so important when it comes to tool making is because it is not actually a metal, but a cermet. A cermet is a combination of a ceramic and a METal. Tungsten carbide, the most common carbide used in tool making, is a brittle ceramic material. By solidifying tungsten carbide powder with cobalt metal, the cermet carbide tool material is created. This combined material gains the benefits of both ceramics and metals.

The main contribution carbide makes is its hardness. Ceramics tend to be significantly harder than metals, but they are far more brittle than flexible metals. Adding carbide to a metal greatly reduces the ability for that metal to flex. When used in tool making, the resulting tool is less able to flex at high speeds. This leads to incredible tool stability and less tool chatter when using carbide end mills.

Carbide tools are also able to hold their edges much better than metal tools. The rigidity of the ceramic in the cermet carbide will really give the cutting surface of these tool incredible edge retention. Combined with the correct coating depending on the material being milled and these tools can really power through almost anything without losing their cutting power.

Here at Online Carbide, we have a wide variety of solid carbide cutting tools for sale. No matter what sorts of millwork your shop specializes in, we have the tools you’ll need. We offer general square and ball end mills for standard side milling. For interlocking parts manufacturing, we carry both full form and single pitch thread mills. We also carry a wide range of drills, variably fluted end mills, and finishing tools like chamfering mills.

Whatever tools your business needs, you can find them in our shop. If you can’t find the end mills you are looking for, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]. As an independent manufacturer, we can help shops create custom mills to meet their special requirements. We are always happy to work with our customers to get them the tools they need.

So visit Online Carbide today and check out our selection of solid carbide cutting tools. If you have any questions about our inventory, you can send an email or call us Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST at 630-238-1424. Get quality tools and save big by purchasing directly from a manufacturer instead of a big box store.


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