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White Mountain Knives Has Your Next Small Gerber Knife

Small Gerber Knife

Gerber gear, or Gerber legendary gear, as they are sometimes known, is one of the trendsetting knife and tool manufacturers in America. Gerber doesn’t just have a long and storied history of providing quality knives and tools right here – their reputation is bolstered by generations of outdoorsmen and law enforcement personnel who swear by the toughness and reliability of their knives. It’s for good reason, too. Gerber’s knives are tough and reliable. It’s pretty simple. If you’re looking to add any knife to your belt or pocket, you’re probably going to find a good deal with a Gerber knife. They’re not just extraordinarily tough, they’re extraordinarily well priced. They don’t price gouge like many ‘premier’ competitors, but they also don’t cut corners.

A Gerber knife is a tough knife, and as many of their blades are made in variations of chrome-moly-vanadium alloys, you can expect not only fairly good strength against chipping and breakage but pretty good edge retention as well. They’ve also done a pretty interesting job lightening a lot of their knives without compromising their strength. You could carry a Small Gerber Knife for weeks and forget it’s in your pocket – until you need it.

One of the toughest and most attractive little examples of a fine small Gerber knife is the Gerber Pocket Square. This might be as much due to its functional qualities as its aesthetics. It just seems that knife manufacturers don’t produce quality folding knives for EDC with formal wear. It’s not only in the name of this knife – the thing is handsome. Unsurprisingly, being a Gerber, it’s also extremely weighty in the hand and beautifully ergonomic. You would expect it to be slippery and have uncomfortable angles, but it doesn’t. And while the grind is a little bit aggressive from the factory, a little quality time with a 1200 grit stone will make this thing a straight razor. It’s an excellent choice in a small Gerber knife for everyday carry when you’re dressed to impress.

Another crowd favorite small Gerber Knife is the Gerber Kettlebell. Textured aluminum scales give amazing strength (and weight reduction) to this little knife’s two and a half-inch blade. It’s a wonderfully strong drop point with plenty of belly, and its small size makes it more than ideal for piercing and cutting in close quarters. It brings the strength and corrosion of resistance of a 7CR17MoV stainless steel blade in an attractive and extremely functional package. In many ways, as the size of a knife diminishes its structural integrity grows in proportion, and this knife is evidence of that.

Another excellent small Gerber knife that has been growing in popularity is their Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver. It joins the versatility of a chisel edge to a small cleaver with a fine edge for interesting performance in a surprisingly small package. The whole package offers a few carry options and a multi-mount sheath to ensure the knife is out of your way on the trail till you need it. It’s a somewhat unconventional design but it will surely please you the minute you pull it out to quarter whatever it is you’ve just harvested – and it will do a fine job of it.

Whether you want one of these or another small Gerber knife, the sure-fire place to find it is White Mountain Knives. At White Mountain Knives you won’t just receive stellar customer service, you’ll get free shipping on all orders. Nowhere else can you peruse such a comprehensive catalog of the best knives in the world with such ease and convenience, so when you’re itching for a new addition to the Gerber collection, visit WhiteMountainKnives.com.

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