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The Benefits of Neem for Hair and Beauty

Benefits of neem for hair and skin

Fun fact: If you look up the true meaning of ancient Ayurveda and the meaning behind it, you’ll find them referring to Neem trees as ‘Sarva Roga Nivarini’ which translates to the universal healer or cure of all sickness. Actually, it means knowing about the Benefits of Neem for your hair and beauty.

The benefits of neem oil are endless and hence, it is considered sacred by the people of India. If you shop for the best Ayurveda products in India, you’ll notice that the majority of the products contain traces of this element due to the belief that neem symbolizes good health and protection.

In remote areas of India, the benefits of neem oil are such that it is referred to as the “village pharmacy” to improve one’s well-being and treat ailments. The best part of Ayurvedic neem oil is that it is a multipurpose ingredient. It can quite literally not just help you with every hair issue but it’s also suitable for all skin types may it be oily, normal, dry, combination or sensitive. Not just that, but in rural India, many people use a twig of the neem plant or tree to brush their teeth in the morning. Yes, this wonder plant can help you maintain your dental hygiene, too.

Benefits of Neem that You must be aware

There are some Benefits of Neem that you must be aware of, here below are listed: –

Neem oil for skin

The best oil for the skin is Neem as it is rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants. It is also a great source of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory elements. Apart from all this, it is also known to cure acne and reduce its appearance by a great deal. Just add it to your skin routine or mix it with your skin products and watch how well it soothes your face. A few more benefits of neem oil for the skin are as follows:

Can be used as a skin moisturizer

As mentioned above, the Vitamin E and anti-inflammatory elements help soothe and also heal dry skin. The properties present in this oil enable a deep seep into the skin, thereby aiding to restore a protective layer of skin to further help in a reduction of moisture loss. It acts as a skin softener and refreshes the skin, so if you are someone who travels a lot, moisturize your skin with neem to help restore it to its optimal health.

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Good for acne and pimples

There are plenty of natural remedies for acne in nature, such as tea tree oil, cucumber and aloe vera. But neem is perhaps one of the most effective due to its antibacterial, and antifungal properties. The application of neem oil regularly on the face is proven to be excellent to get rid of acne scars and breakouts.

Its regular usage is also known to majorly decrease all future breakouts by eliminating the bacteria that causes acne and further evening out of your skin tone. In places with high humidity and during the monsoon season, the oil glands in our skin tend to overproduce oils, regulating sweat, which clogs the pores. Neem helps to nullify these effects, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-aging properties

Neem oil for skin works wonders and is a natural anti-aging product. It helps in the production of collagen, which is known to reduce wrinkles as well as fine lines on the face. The plant is high in essential fats that go deep into the skin to fill in lines and wrinkles while moisturizing the skin. This, in turn, helps increase the skin’s elasticity. When you combine it with Vitamin E, neem is amazing at minimizing signs of aging. 

Treats scars and blackheads

As you already know by now, the benefits of neem oil for skin are endless. And to prove that we’re giving you another reason. They not only repair skin tissues but also reduce blackheads to a considerable amount! As we have seen above, Neem is able to balance the production of oil in the skin glands, while stimulating collagen production and minimizing inflammation. It works as a natural remedy to reduce hyperpigmentation and scars, too.

Now let’s move forward to the benefits of neem oil for hair

Neem oil for hair

Filled with antioxidants that prevent hair loss, ayurvedic neem oil is the best and natural way to cure all hair and scalp problems.

Enhances hair growth and reduces bald patches

Ayurvedic neem oil for hair has regenerative properties that are known to support healthy cell division. These properties make it an excellent natural cure for people with hair thinning and balding. The antioxidants that are packed in neem help in stimulating hair follicle growth and function. In turn, this helps in countering hair thinning caused by pollution, stress, or medication. Hence, a regular application of neem oil promotes thicker, stronger, and more luxurious hair growth.

Dry hair savior

Complete and regular usage of ayurvedic neem oil for hair will make your hair healthy and give it a natural-looking shine. As mentioned above, the fatty acids present in neem oil aids in nourishing the scalp and hair, thus giving it a shiny and healthy look. Using neem oil is one of the easiest ways to condition dry hair and restore lifeless hair to its healthiest best. The oil not only conditions but repairs tresses that are damaged due to heat, sun exposure, and more.

An end to dandruff and itching

Dandruff is embarrassing, isn’t it? These tiny white flakes on a person’s scalp are due to a fungus, and ayurvedic neem oil for itchy scalp contains certain antifungal properties that help in such cases. It is also known to give relief from inflammation and any further scalp itchiness that result in the flaking of your scalp. So whether you have bad hair habits or have been using unsuitable hair products, neem will rid your hair of resultant dandruff.

Neem for treating lice

Lice is a common infection among kids, teens, and even adults. They multiply quickly, they cause you immense itchiness and can spread to those close to you. Addressing the problem quickly and effectively is key to ridding your hair and your life of lice. Thanks to the insecticidal agent present in neem oil, it effectively kills lice and their eggs within 1-2 uses. The smell of pure neem oil is pungent and strong, repelling lice and killing them almost instantly.

Now that you know the benefits of neem, return to nature and make use of natural neem oil to enhance your skin and hair health.

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