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5 Inspiring Examples of Best Restaurant Apps

Best Restaurant Apps

Nowadays, hardly any business does not have its dedicated mobile app to connect with its client base. Here we have collected Best Restaurant Apps to understand the ideas of Restaurant online business.

One such business wherein mobile apps are playing a huge part in their overall growth and management of the business is the restaurant industry.

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have increasingly turned to restaurant apps to get food delivered to our doorstep safely and securely.

According to market research, this trend is likely to grow even further in the future.

Considering the increasing demand, more and more restaurants are linking their business model with a dedicated restaurant app to reach more clients.

If you also want to get such benefits for your restaurant, you need to create a restaurant app. However, for creating a restaurant app, you need to follow a streamlined process.

But, before you develop a restaurant app, you need to understand what works well in the market.

Therefore, in this article, we have shared with you some examples of great restaurant mobile apps for your inspiration.

Amazing restaurant apps that give a boost to the business

Here you will find examples of some popular restaurant apps that have played a big role in achieving the business goals for which they were designed.


If you live in San Francisco and want to try Georgian cuisine, then Bevri is the place to go.

The mobile app of this popular restaurant is designed in such a way that it guides the viewer to press the call to action button to book a table.

The layout of this app is such that the user finds it easier to look for any specific item in the app.

The color contrast is also thoughtfully planned.

It makes the app look aesthetically pleasing and also attract the attention of the users towards a specific task (call to action button).

To create familiarity in design, a similar-looking call to action button is used to do other activities like ordering online or buying a gift card in the mobile app.

This consistency across the mobile app design helps the visitor to figure out quickly what action they need to take and how.

To give the viewer the complete web experience without cluttering the screen, the mobile app design has scroll-triggered animations that float text into place.

To make navigation easier, the menus are designed into lunch and dinner categories.

Furthermore, there is a separate menu for drinks so that you do not have to look through all the items to find what you are looking for.

This simple yet elegant design of the app ensures that the user of the app is not overwhelmed with multiple features jostling for his/her attention on the screen.


Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee chains in the United States.

The popularity of its app can be directly attributed to its ability to digitally engage the users effectively.

This app has a highly customized UI that allows the user to order, create their own Spotify playlist, paying ahead of time for their order, and others that are both innovative as well as inviting.

The layout of the design is simple and navigation is easy.

The app has multiple pop-up menus that help the user to easily navigate back to the home screen.

The focus of the app is to offer the user a great experience that includes features like “now playing”, a food and beverage offer that is highly relevant to the user.

It includes features such as recalling your favorite order, offering suggestions about what food item should be paired well with the order you have given, and suggesting a place where you can pick up the order.

On the dashboard, you can find all the main features like payment options, store locator, and ordering at the top.

It also has a special Starbucks eGift card option that helps you to bring a smile to the face of someone special for you.

One of the many features that make the Starbucks app so popular amongst the patrons of the Starbucks coffee chain is its loyalty program.

The loyalty program of the Starbucks app is designed in such a way that the user gets more reward points (which are called stars) based on how much they spend at Starbucks.

This loyalty reward program lets the users get multiple benefits that include free in-store refills, order ahead, pay by your phone, and special offers.

To offer the users a greater value, the Starbuck app has collaborated with other platforms and services.

For example, Starbucks is collaborating with iTunes and it gives free tracks to its customers through a program called “new digital music experience”.

Similarly, the app also collaborates with Spotify that helps the users to identify the songs that are being played in the store.

If the user likes the track, then he/she can download and save it to the playlist on Spotify’s app.

Similarly, the Starbuck app also collaborated with other services like Lyft, and JPMorgan to make the Starbucks app Central to the brand experience of the user.

Panda Express

The Chinese restaurant chain, Panda Express has started its online food delivery service that offers more convenience to its patrons.

The app has a clean UI that is easy to navigate.

It has several features, but one that is the most talked about, it can place orders for groups.

This app allows people to place orders from multiple devices and then combine them into a single order.

The users can either pay separately for what they have ordered or they can pay it as one unit.

The main focus of the company in building this app is to streamline the mealtime so that the customers can come together with their family to have quality time over a shared meal.

The other main features of this app include an interactive ordering process, getting access to past orders, location finder, catering functions, and nutrition calculator.

This menu tab has photos of the food that is available so that even if you are ordering Chinese for the first time, you will know what it looks like.

Waitlist Me

As the name suggests, this mobile app allows users to easily find tables in their favorite restaurant.

The overall design of this app is very simple yet attractive.

You have to log in on Waitlist Me and then type the name of the restaurant that you want to go to for your lunch/dinner.

The app is designed in such a way that whenever a table is ready, then a text message or a phone notification is sent to the user so that they can come and enjoy quality time without waiting in the queue.

The mobile app is designed in such a way that it can track the age, gender, party size, or any special need of the customers so that in case there is any special need for highchairs or booster seats.

The user can also check the status of their table that they have booked through the app so that they can reach the place in time and have a hassle-free and enjoyable time in the restaurant.

This app helps the process of connecting restaurants with their patrons in an exciting way so that the customers can plan their lunch/dinner at a time when the tables are free.

And as you can check the availability of the table on your smartphone, you don’t have to ask the staff when the next table would be available.

Chili’s Waitlisting App

The Chili’s waitlisting app is designed so that its users do not have to wait in line for a table for long periods.

This app created by the Chili’s Grill & Bar allows the customers to remotely place orders and pick them up upon arrival thereby avoiding long queues.

The layout of this app is quite simple and all the items are put in different categories so that you can easily navigate to the items that you are looking for without much trouble.

Creating an account in this app gives you many benefits some of which are as follows.

  •  Allows you to save your favorite locations.
  • Put your name on the waiting list with one click.
  • Faster checkout.
  • Save your order for faster reordering later.

This app also has its reward program for loyal customers that includes the following.

  • Free delivery and free kid’s meals.
  • Free Wi-Fi and free appetizers.
  • Free desserts on your birthday.

In addition to all these features, it also has a gift card option.

This allows you to design and present a gift card to the person who you have invited to a lunch/dinner to make them feel special.


If you are planning to open a new restaurant or you want to streamline your existing processes, then creating the right restaurant app will help a great deal in this task.

A restaurant app that is properly designed and has all the requisite features offers a big boost to your brand image and attracts more customers. You can take inspiration from the above five examples that we have shared with you to remind you what kind of restaurant app you need to make your day-to-day processes efficient and improve your ROI.

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