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4 Factors to Consider Before Having a Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

4 Factors to Consider Before Having a Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Throughout a woman’s life, her body undergoes many changes due to puberty, pregnancy, delivery, menopause, and aging. Some of these changes are expected, while some come as a blow that leaves women in a state of shock and makes them insecure about their appearance. But thanks to medical advancements, women can go for some cosmetic procedures, which can help them get rid of their insecurities and age gracefully. One such procedure is vaginal rejuvenation Surgery, which is becoming really popular nowadays. Women opt for this procedure to tighten their vaginal muscles, which become loose due to childbirth and aging.

Vaginal rejuvenation helps in many areas of life. It makes sexual intercourse more enjoyable and less painful, increases libido, boosts confidence, and resolves the problem of urinary incontinence. All these benefits make women excited, and they feel like going for the procedure immediately. However, it’s important to back yourself up with some knowledge before performing any surgical procedure to get the best results.

Major Factors for Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

With that being said, here are some factors you should consider before having vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

1.    Your hospital should be close to your residence

You should always try finding a hospital close to your residence for surgery. Many consider the hospital’s distance from their residence unimportant when choosing a hospital. Whenever we mention this factor in front of someone, their first reaction is, “do I really have to go through the hassle of finding vaginal rejuvenation near me when I’ll be going for the surgery only once, and all the post-operation care will be done at home?”. This simple misconception and ignorance can cause extreme post-operative anxiety.

Vaginal rejuvenation only takes an hour or two and requires minimal time for recovery. That’s why people think it’s okay if the hospital is in a distant area, as it is a one-time visit. All these things are correct to a certain extent, but people forget that the human mind and body are unpredictable. Post-operative anxiety is natural, and more than 24% of patients feel high post-operative anxiety after any surgery.

Having your surgeon close to your residence can help a lot in getting rid of those anxious thoughts. Plus human body can be unpredictable. Maybe the surgery would go well, but there could be complications or situations that require immediate medical attention and care when you reach home. If your hospital is near, you can immediately get the medical attention and treatment you need.

2.  Your surgeon should have the necessary qualifications and experience

You should always take some time to gather important information about your surgeon before going for surgery. Whether visiting their website or seeing them in person, your first step should be checking if they are qualified enough to do your surgery. There are two major factors for deciding if they have the necessary qualifications to do vaginal rejuvenation surgery. First, they should be certified by the medical board, and second, they should specialize in vaginal surgery.

If the surgeon checks both boxes, they are qualified enough, and your next step would be to look for testimonials from their previous client to see if they have the experience and skills. If you are satisfied after seeing the testimonial images, you have found the right surgeon, and if they do not check both boxes, then RUN, as that surgeon is not suitable for you.

3.    Ask your surgeon if you are the right candidate

You should always have a detailed conversation with your surgeon and ask them if you are the right candidate for vaginal rejuvenation. Tell them your expectations, lifestyle, health issues, and plans, and they will tell you if you are the right candidate for the procedure. If your plans or health issue don’t align with the ideal candidate criteria of vaginal rejuvenation, your surgeon will ask you to drop or postpone the idea or suggest better alternatives.

Here are a few things that make you a not-so-ideal candidate for vaginal rejuvenation. If you have health conditions like genital cancer, pelvic floor, or bladder prolapse, then vaginal rejuvenation is not a good option for you, or if you plan to give birth after getting surgery, then you should postpone your surgery or go for C-section for delivery. The results of vaginal rejuvenation last for a lifetime. However, if you deliver a baby normally after surgery, your vaginal muscles will become loose again, and you will be back to square one.

4.    Check your finances and available loan options

You should always check your finances and the loan options before making payments for vaginal rejuvenations. Most insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic procedures like vaginal rejuvenation under medical insurance, so most people use their savings for such procedures. Always check if your finances are enough to cover your procedure fee, medications, and aftercare. You should also have some extra amount to help you through any unforeseen situation that can arise post-surgery. Never go for such surgical procedures when you are on a tight budget.

You should also discuss payment options with the hospital before making any payments. Some hospitals offer loans or installment options that can be great for you as you will not be investing all your money in one go. Such options are usually mentioned on the hospital’s website, and you should always check them out. You can even ask the hospital staff about available payment methods.

Final Words

Going for any surgical procedure can be nerve-wracking and make you toss and turn in your bed for nights because of anxiety and stress. It’s a natural and valid reaction as making changes to your body, seeing all those sharp scalpels and knives, getting anesthesia, and lying unconscious for hours can make any sane person anxious and worried.

People think that women who have delivered kids grow nerves of steel, and nothing scares them, but even they think twice before going for the surgical procedure, so your fear, doubts, and concerns are perfectly valid. However, such procedures are helpful and can be great self-esteem and confidence boosters, and you should not run away from them just because they seem scary or risky as that fear is for a few moments, and after that, you can enjoy your dream body.

Backing yourself with a lot of knowledge and considering every factor that impacts your procedure is an excellent way of finding peace, getting rid of all the tension and anxiety, and finding the best surgeon and hospital for your surgery. We have shared four factors you should consider before having a vaginal rejuvenation surgery that will help you find the best hospital and surgeon, save money and health, and find the best payment option. They will help you confidently go to the surgery room and return with perfect health and desired results.


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