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How to Get the Dirt Bike Control Parts Ready for Riding


The control parts of a dirt bike need to be tuned and prepared before you go out for a ride. If the control parts are not yet ready for use, you might find that the brake lever is a bit too stiff or the clutch lever feels inordinately loose. This may feel like a minor annoyance for you as an experienced biker, however, it can have dangerous and even devastating consequences if left unchecked.

The need to get the dirt bike control parts ready for riding is especially great when you are planning to take your two-wheeler out for the first ride of the season. Few dirt-bike enthusiasts venture out on the tracks during the winter. Therefore, the bikes often end up neglected during the winter months. His necessitates extra care and careful preparation when the vehicle is ready to be brought out of the garage once again with the advent of spring.

The Control Parts of a Typical Dirt Bike

The components of the dirt bike that help you control the vehicle, such as your dirt bike clutch lever and brake lever, the slipper clamp, and the footpegs are extremely important. They help keep you safe during your adventures and races, prevent accidents, and also keep your vehicle in good shape. Working in tandem with each other, they also help provide you with the best possible dirt biking experience.

This article will focus on some of the individual parts or units that make up your dirt bike. Listed below are some of the essential dirt bike control parts that you must know about.

  • Clutch lever
  • Brake lever
  • Cables
  • Footpegs
  • Brake pedals
  • Shift pedal
  • Throttle
  • Handlebars

Getting these parts ready for riding isn’t hard, as you can understand their state of readiness simply by gauging how they feel under your fingers or how well they respond to your commands. You can make this assessment inside your own garage, and won’t usually need to take the bike out for a spin to understand how well these parts are working.

This pre-ride check should usually take you no more than a few minutes. However, if the bike was involved in any major accidents or crashes the previous year, then you should definitely spend some extra time with the bike to ensure that no lasting damage was done to the vehicle. You should also check for any wear and tear that could potentially hamper the functionality and responsiveness of the dirt-bike control parts.

Complex and Intricate Dirt Bike Control Parts

This is essential because some of the primary control parts of a dirt bike are quite complex and intricate, which means that any damage that they sustain could impact the vehicle in a major way. For instance, dirt bike handlebars are a lot more complex than they look. They are not just the steering wheel of the vehicle but also are the ground control center for all components that make the dirt bike function.

The unique design of the handlebar, with its shape, bends, and other details, can enable your bike to stand out from the rest. A typical dirt bike handlebar is made up of different sections, such as the rise, clamp area, sweep, control length, and the width. There are two main types of dirt bike handlebars available in the market. These are the 1 1/8th-inch handlebar and the 7/8th-inch handlebar.

Some of the other important components include the dirt bike clutch levers, slipper clamps, cables, and much more. Read on to know more about them, and how you can get these control parts ready for riding after a few months of disuse.

An Overview of the Control Parts

  • Clutch Levers: When you pull on the dirt bike clutch levers, you should ideally feel a tight but relatively easy draw. If the lever is too loose or feels lumpy when you give it a pull, then that is an indication that the cables need to be tightened. On the other hand, if you find that the lever is hard to pull in, then it will need to be loosened before you take the bike out for a ride.
  • Footpegs: This control is quite easy to check as you simply need to tighten the fastening bolt a little before your first ride of the season. If needed, you can also consider sharpening the blades slightly and replacing the cleats with a new pair. Spray some lubricant onto the spring and check the foldaway function for good measure.
  • Cables: The cables are essential, as they play a crucial role in the functioning of the brake and clutch levers. If the cables start fraying or becoming brittle, they can severely compromise the levers and their functionality. If you find that the cables are course and fraying, add some lubricant, but know that you will need to replace them as soon as they start showing signs of wear and tear.

To know more about the other dirt bike control parts, you can check out the websites of some of the most reputed aftermarket parts manufacturers in the US. You should always purchase replacement parts, such as aftermarket dirt bike clutch levers, from experienced and trusted manufacturers who are known for offering excellent quality products.


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