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App Development Procedures 2019


Got a great idea for the next hit app but unfamiliar with app development procedure? Fast Biz Solution brings easy app development steps so you can give life to your great idea. Here are the 9 easy steps to create an app.

1. Sketch your App Idea

Just like you start any business with a unique idea that will take you to the top, every app development process starts with the idea. To implement the idea you’ve to sketch it out with pen and paper to make it tangible. You should know how your app gonna work, what functions it will offers before starting the developing process, which means only when your app will work when you’ve got a clear idea about everything. To sketch the plan a pen or paper is enough to convert idea that is in your mind on hardcopy. Write down the features you want to add and see whether it comes to life or not. It is best to separate all features into two groups, must-have features without your app can’t work and nice to have features. Every new developer wants his app to be as lean and mean as possible. That’s known as MVP or Minimum Viable Product. Having lots of features surely is tempting but providing everything with best seem little difficult at version 1 of your app. So, instead of including a long list of features, it is best to create an app that does one thing but does it very well.

2. Market Research

The importance of market research is undeniable, whatever idea you’ve in your mind you need to check out whether there are similar apps already working in the market and if yes how well they’re working. If you’ve got the purely raw idea then you’re going to be the innovator. Market research is an important part of app development Islamabad that can save you from making many mistakes. By conducting good research you cam validate assumptions and evaluate the needs of potential clients. Focus on two factors while doing research; first, find out what mistakes your future competitors are making and secondly find out the scope or demand of app you’re going to launch. Your research will help you to define the problem your app will solve.

3. Create Mockups of your App

Mockup is a rough sketch of your app’s layout, workflow and user interface. It is best to make mockups before starting the building process. Mockups usually not include the fine-grained UI elements, complex color scheme and effects and exact positioning of UI elements. Instead, it will show how your app will look like without distracting you with unnecessary details. The mockup you create should also define the flow and interaction of your app. Balsamiq Mockups is most recommended as they offer several UI templates and struck a good balance between flexibility and roughness.

4. App’s Graphic Design

The fourth step in app development is graphic designing for your app including graphic effects, pixel-perfect visual details, image assets, and motion or animation design as well. You can either hire a professional or can do it yourself using the graphic template. Undoubtedly, a professional graphic designer can deliver 100 times better results than an inexperienced designer. In case you want to do it yourself then use a design template. You can use template’s building blocks to create your designs and then you can customize them.

5. Build your App Landing Page

You just build the app and it is great but how are people gonna find it? You need to create a landing page for your app. A landing page helps to create a connection between you and your target audience. The conversation can lead a user to try your app or become a customer. Your app page should have the following components;

  • A clear headline
  • A brief introductory paragraph or video
  • Screenshot of an app or iPhone mockup
  • A call to action
  • App features and benefits
  • About us section

6. Make the App with Xcode and Swift

After completing the necessary steps now is the time to build your app. Xcode and Swift are used to build an iOS apps. Xcode IDE encompasses almost everything you need to make an iOS app such as code editor, project manager, debugging tools, built-in documentation and interface builder. On the flip, swift itself is a powerful and intuitive programming language. MacOS, watchOS and tvOS are swift’s default programming language. App development can be divided into two categories;

  • Frontend: The part of the app you see like navigator, layout, graphics, user interaction, data processing and animation. Building the frontend means you’re developing the user interface of an app and can determine what needs to happen when user will interact with your app. you can set up the navigation and can build the app’s features.
  • Backend: The part of the app you can’t see like data storage, databases, networking and user management. The backend of your app usually stores data.

7. Launch your App in the App Store

You’ve laid the groundwork, create mockups, done with graphic designs and deal with frontend and backends now is the time to show it to the world. You’re going to launch it in the App Store. The process of app launching in App Store is pretty simple;

  • Think about the app’s title and meta data with iTunes Connect
  • Apple with review your app and after approving, publish it live in the App Store
  • Congratulations! You have develop a great app

8. App Marketing to Approach the Right People

Though, you’ve published your app but the work doesn’t stop here. Often, we see that developers in Islamabad claim that good product doesn’t need marketing but marketing is about making a connection with customers, building trust and empathy. It’s about having the courage to tell the people that get benefit from what you’ve created. Marketing is a perfect way to approach people who can get benefit from your product.

9. Improve with Feedback

It is important to improve your app and the easiest way to get it is by sending them a personal email finding how well your app is doing. The feedback sessions help you to identify interactions in your app. find out where it is lacking and make changes accordingly.


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