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How to Reduce Stress through Ayurveda Massage?

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurvedic treatment in India is known to medicate gastrointestinal, cardiac, respiratory, joint, excretory, dermatological, women’s fertility issues, and psychological with Ayurveda Massage. Also helps in movement as well as children’s diseases. Apart from these, various other conditions can also be cured or prevented through Ayurveda.

One such issue that Ayurveda can cure is stress. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) in the United States, the average stress level rose from 4.9 to 5.1 in 2015. Since then, the data has only shown growth.

One must understand, being a victim of stress puts your entire health at risk. It sabotages your thinking ability, upsets the emotional equilibrium and wrecks your physical health. Besides, it may give birth to serious medical issues such as depression, chronic headaches, and body aches, sciatica, and joints pain.

“Manashantichikitsa” also known as stress-reducing treatment can help you cure the same. Through the following article, discover a few Ayurveda massages that reduce stress:

  • Pizhichil: The procedure involves squeezing warm medicated oil from a piece of cloth which is repeatedly soaked in oil. The oil is poured over the patient’s body for at least 45 minutes. It enables heavy sweating which benefits the body. Apart from stress, it relieves body pain and tension from the muscles, detoxifies the body, boosts immunity, improves body and skin metabolism, prevents aging and wrinkles. Moreover, it cures diseases like rheumatic arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, weakness, and disorders in the nervous system.
  • Takradhara: In this treatment, ‘takra’ i.e. medicated buttermilk is poured over the forehead of the patient continuously in a stream. The buttermilk used in the process is imbued with 10 powerful Ayurveda herbs. The treatment begins with a foot soak while your head, neck, and shoulders get a massage. This is followed by a full body massage with warm herbal oils. It leads to the onset of Takradhara. Many Ayurveda centers prefer to play Indian Gandharv music in the background during the treatment. This entire process incites the endocrine system, purifies the toxins and enhances blood circulation, especially in the head. Since buttermilk is known for its cooling properties, it cures insomnia, skin disorders, digestive issues as well as stress and nervous tension. This treatment is comparatively longer than other treatments; hence, awakens spirituality, improves mental health, relieves chronic pain, develops intellect, etc.
  • Elakizhi: Ela means leaves and kizhi stands for bundles. Certain herbs are collected, soaked, and tied in a cloth as a bundle which is periodically immersed in medicinal oil. This cloth is then used to pressurize delicately on the patient’s body. An important part of this treatment is to control the body temperature at 46o C beneficial for the process. It has a therapeutic effect on neurological disorders and post-traumatic dysfunctions. Apart from these, it rectifies spondylitis, chronic back pains, cramps, pains, and sports injuries, increases body strength, prevents aging, speeds up blood circulation, joints pain, arthritis, etc.
  • Sirovasthi: This effective treatment has also gained popularity in the world to cure nervous system disorders. The patient is asked to sit on a chair with 10 inches leather cap tied to the head with the help of a band. To block leakage, it is covered with kneaded dough. Then, lukewarm oil is poured into the cap kept for a while. This is followed by removal of the cap and gentle massage of head, forehead, shoulder, and neck. It treats migraine, depression, recurring and throbbing head pain, etc. It also activates specific points of the brain that promotes intellect, calms the brain, improves mental health, enhances the quality of hair, treats various eye disorders, cervical spondylitis, facial paralysis, cataract, deafness, etc.

You may also try. It detoxes and rejuvenates yourself. To know more about the same; enroll for Ayurveda treatment in India.

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