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Pooja Surve – A stubborn story

Pooja Surve


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There are some who find success in different fields through their own perseverance. Their work inspires others. Here is an attempt to tell the story of such unity. This is the story of Pooja Surve, who has made a name for herself in sports like rhythmic gymnastics through his perseverance, perseverance, and ambition.

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About Pooja Surve

Man must be ‘crazy’ about something. Only if he is crazy about something can he change or revolutionize it through perseverance, perseverance, hard work, and vigor. She injured her knee in a tournament in 2007, but she still wanted to play in that tournament, even though she could not stand on two legs. But the doctor stopped her. After this competition, you will no longer be able to do gymnastics, some people even told her.

But people who believe in themselves, who threaten to make history, gamble and focus on their goal and achieve it. Even after reaching the goal, those people do not stay calm, but even before us, how the players of our country reach and try to raise the name of the country, is a small mountain-like thing, it is Pooja Survechi who raises the name of the country with herself in rhythmic gymnastics.

Her family prevented her from being sent out because of her childhood illness. She was advised to take her to a sport to increase her body strength and she started taking gymnastics lessons at Shri Samarth Vyayam Mandir in Dadar.

In just a few months, her flaws appeared and she started her journey toward national and international level by flying the flag of victory in many competitions, but there was a ‘twist’ in this script. Because the path that does not have problems is not the right path, they say.


At that moment, I was pulled out of the stretcher. I did not know the nature of the injury, so my name is called, I want to play in a competition, I was telling the doctor. When my hut reached Shige, he said, “I’ll let you play the competition, but show me standing on both feet.” I tried, but it didn’t work out. The injury was so serious that many people told me that I can no longer play gymnastics. ‘ Perhaps the occasion stood before her eyes.

‘My parents were behind me at that time. Mahendra Chemburkar was also supported by the district, state, and national organizations. So I forgot what people say. I was determined to represent India in rhythmic gymnastics. Treated by a doctor. After that, I was selected for the World Championships in 2009 by performing brilliantly at the district level, state level, and national level, ‘said Pooja.

When asked about the first international competition, she said, “I was overwhelmed when I went to Japan. Missing out on where we’ve come from, what heights the players are at, and where we’re at. Not to be outdone, it was almost certain. Because the sports culture of Tikkad is different.

There the players get more respect than our local hero-heroines and we have nothing like that. At that time one decided, even if we don’t win this year, we have to get something next year. Forgetting everything, she followed only gymnastics.

Winning Records

My breath was the same and meditation was my condition and I got the sweet fruit of this hard work. At the 2010 World Cup in Belarus, I was awarded the Miss Exotica. At the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi the same year, I was ranked first in the country and 16th in the world. ‘

In 2004, Pooja was honored with the ‘Balashree award‘. She now has more than a hundred medals. She is also a Kathak expert and has won the hearts of many by presenting a combination of gymnastics and Kathak.

When you ask what you are doing now, there is a ray of hope in Pooja’s eyes. ‘I don’t think what happened to us should happen to the next generation of children. We used to practice on the field or on the terrace of the building. So playing at the international level used to be a big problem. But now I teach young players at three places in Thane and also on the mat. If they get used to Matt from now on, they will definitely benefit from it.


I think you have a lot of talent, but it’s not coming forward. So I teach poor, budding players for free. They all spend because talent doesn’t want to die anywhere. For this, we have set up an organization called ‘Pooja Trust’. Although she is currently working as Gymnastics Tractor, she will continue to work for women’s empowerment and empowerment through this organization. ‘

In just 23 years since becoming a player, you have become a coach. Asked what she thinks she should get now, Pooja says, “I have more than 150 young players training at the moment, but there is no stadium for them.” Therefore, I would like to request the government to provide a space for a gymnastics stadium so that this young generation can be well trained. Because 6-7-year-old players have tremendous talent and if they get good training and facilities.

They will definitely get medals at the international level in a few years. The other thing is that despite such a brilliant performance, I have not received the Shiv Chhatrapati award from the state government. For the last few years, I have been striving for it.

Despite their brilliant performance, the state government does not seem to be paying attention to players like Pooja. But Pooja wants to visit the country from her disciples for the Olympic medal. She and her disciples are getting ready.

Pooja’s disciples from Thane have won half of the 25 medals won by their state in the last national competition. Everyone wants these national medals to be converted into international and Olympic medals. This is the hope that this imaginary tree planted by Pooja will grow more and more and it will bear the sweet fruits of medals.

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