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How to choose tops for women?

How to choose tops for women

Do you know why women’s tops are in vogue this season? Whether you want to look classy, playful, smart, trendy, or sexy, a single piece of clothing that can create a world of difference is the tops for women.

Tops for women are one of the most comfortable and stylish women’s clothing that go perfectly with every bottom, like jeans, skirts, hot pants, trousers, jeggings, and more.

Women from all walks of life are searching for ways to look fashionable while being comfortable at the same time. It seems like you are also among the same group of women and thus have landed up here. Well, undeniably, tops are a perfect wardrobe solution for you.

Whether you are a fun-loving girl looking for casual women’s tops or a working professional looking for apparel that you can wear to the office, you will find myriad tops ranging from formal ones to stylish tank tops for women. The most common type of women’s tops are tunics, camisoles, empires, and crop tops for women.

When buying women’s clothing, there are millions of options. You will find so many choices on any online store that it can spin your head. Therefore, this article outlines some factors you need to consider when choosing a women’s top to give you ease.

Sleeve length of the tops

The sleeve length is undoubtedly a crucial factor that impacts the overall look of tops. The sleeves of the tops can be full-size, half, three-quarter or capped. The full-size sleeves, or what is commonly referred to as long sleeves, run to the wrist.

While the three-quarter style ends between the wrist and elbow, the short or half sleeves end at the bicep. Then, there are capped ones that stop at the shoulder.

Besides this, there are sleeveless tops such as halter tops or camisoles with no sleeves, and there are tube tops that are both strapless and sleeveless. Whatever length of sleeve you choose, you can wear all of them with jeans, hot pants or skirts.

Different collar types

The collars in women’s tops are meant to add more personality to the garment. Usually, you will find that the women’s tops have collars that are either laid flat or stand up. While straight collars are standard in formal wear, tops with straight collars give you a more traditional look. On the other hand, rounded collars look casual.


There are more than 20 types of necklines popular in women’s tops, and you can identify them with a mere single look. When there are no collars on the tops, they are grouped according to the style of the necklines.

The most common neckline types for stylish tops for women are scoop necks, jewel necks, boat necks, V-necks, crewnecks, round necks, asymmetric and so on. For instance, the V-neckline top has a V-shaped neck, round necklines are entirely round in shape and so on.

If you wish to create an illusion of a more extended figure, you should opt for a scoop neckline or V-necks. However, if you have larger breasts, avoid going for round necks.

Cut styles

The different cut designs give the tops a well-defined shape. Women’s loose-fitting and boxy-styled tops usually have seams that run straight from the armpit to the hem, while the fitting ones will have a princess cut. The trapeze-shaped design is commonly seen in several types of empire tops and long tops for women, which usually flare out at the bottom. That was it! These helpful tips will help you find a beautiful top that suits your taste and personality. These are the four crucial things one must consider when choosing a top.


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