Types of Yoga Postures

The Different Types of Yoga Postures

The easiest way to begin while beginning in Yoga is Savasana, the art of lying flat on your back on the floor...

5 Major Benefits of Yoga for Stress Management

If the first thing you check after waking up in the morning is your phone, rest assured this article is just for...
Breathing is Important during Yoga

Why Proper Breathing is Important during Yoga?

Breathing plays a crucial role in Yoga and without proper breathing the entire idea of yoga is baseless. But it is important...
Motivated for Exercise

COMMIT AND CONTINUE: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated for Exercise

Exercising is very important to human health, but not everyone gets to do it because of many personal reasons. It’s something that...
Yoga Exercises for Knees

The Best Yoga Exercises for Knees

In recent years, a sedentary lifestyle has affected most of the population and left us with numerous physical problems, knee pain being...
Origin of Ayurveda

What is the Origin of Ayurveda and Its Benefits?

There were many speculations attached with Origin of Ayurveda for years. If you will look back to 330-1300 BCE you will get...
Yoga Instructor Certification

Is a Distance Learning Yoga Instructor Certification Right for You?

Is your hectic schedule a constraint and doesn't let you enroll for a Yoga Instructor Certification course? The following article has a...
Yoga Remove Human Stress

How Can Yoga Remove Human Stress?

Learn the ways through which you can remove stress from your life with the help of yogic exercises. Yoga, since centuries from...
benefits of Pranayama

You must know the Benefits of Pranayama in Yoga

An awareness of self can bring you closer to life and in the lap of spirituality. this is how Pranayama works. And...
Yoga Postures For Beginners

What are The Perfect Yoga Postures For Beginners?

Yoga is a delightful journey that leaves you awestruck with the results. We get influenced easily by the results and can’t resist...

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